Bye bye Comrade

Another Rock Café show in Leuven last night.

Off The Charts started with the show, they played what they normally play and it always sounds fine. The Misfits cover (I think) during the 'technical difficulties' was fun. Title Fight cover is fun. Their own songs are fun, and I'm excited about the new stuff. They sound a tad different but I guess I'm into it. It's kind of going up the pop punk/hardcore alley.

I have actually never seen or heard Comrade Korsakov play, but I got my share of scenepoints by attending their farewell show. Apparently they're split now. Anyway, it wasn't a decent show are something but I'm pretty sure that was far from the intention. It was fun and games, playing covers and letting the audience sing (stuff like Josie, Oops I OD'd, Walk On Water, …), yelling stuff, making jokes, drinking beer. Their own songs were fast and punkrock, and they really weren't bad or anything. I quite enjoyed it. So goodbye to this band, they gave me a free CD (they gave everyone a free CD) so I'll have to check what I missed out on!

Last band on the bill was X-State Ride, an Italian band, but with the drummer of some skate-punk band backing them up. I couldn't remember what band he played with, but I'm sure I've seen him play. Anyway, short set because of the replacement drummer, but it sounded pretty swell. Sound was crap though.
So yeah, I had a lot of fun, hopefully scored some scenepoints.

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