I've seen Off The Charts way too many times already. So why would I waste last Saturday night, going to a show with a bunch of bands I've seen before, and Off The Charts once again? Well, because it's a whole lot of fun.

When I arrived Clear Skies were playing, so I went to get something to eat with Petit. When we got back they were still playing, so I checked 'em out. Hmm.

Coma Commander was next. They're a good band. For real. The Dear Landlord cover was lots of fun, and the mood was getting set.

The Kids' Crusade is a pretty new band from the Netherlands, with members of This Routine Is Hell. Very Jawbreaker-ish, and they closed their set with Do You Still Hate Me? Which is super cool of course. I told them jokingly that "het op niks trok" but they didn't understand that idiom. Nice guys, good music.

On to The Dutch Rudders. I forgot the were playing. V. good! Bouncing Souls cover. Bit of a going nuts to their tunes about drinking, girls and whatnot.

Silver & Gold killed it. As usual. Kinda drunk at the time so I don't know. Probably danced a bunch with Jordi.

Things got off the hook during Off The Charts. They played a very long set and everything was pretty awesome. I loved that they played some of the demo songs, that was super fun. The new record is absolutely amazing. For fans of shouty punk rock with a hardcore edge, Title Fight and Basement and those things. They have a song called Basement which has the same riff as Fading by Basement which is clever. The set was amazing, so much fun, so much love, so much pain afterwards. I hurt my elbow real bad.

Homer closed off but I basically just sat outside cooling off and panting out. Sorry Homer. No hard feelings?

Afterparty was radddddddddd. Drunk people and punk rock music, that rules.


15 cheeseburgers, please

Friday night I went to Hasselt because one of my favourite current bands were playing there, Muncie Girls. Together with Broadcaster and Off The Charts they'd provide the soundtrack to that Friday night, and they did well.

I loved their show. It was just as I expected, pretty much spot-on. Amazing melodies, drum patterns and bass lines, well structured into mostly long, fun, heartwarming indie/punk rock songs. I couldn't help but sing along to every song and from what I heard after the show they convinced a lot of people there into listening to them. It was super cool seeing them live finally. Best band. Listen to Muncie Girls.

I only saw a bit of Broadcaster in favour of hanging out outside (- many punx points) but they sound really good! It's music I like. Obviously, of course. Best dudes as well.

Off The Charts was rad. Like always. I don't know if I should comment on them anymore. Whoo!

Missed the train, afterparty at Wim's! Beers and cheeseburgers!


Out of it. Under it.

Wednesday night. I'm sick of life and I need an escape. I go to a show. Everything is cool, for a couple of hours.

I saw the last couple of Solstice songs. Not my cup of tea.

Koji killed it. I thought I was gonna be bored by another singer/songwriter who vaguely found his way to an punk rock audience, but I was wrong. Intimate songs, brilliant songwriting, an amazing voice and a message. I thoroughly enjoyed it, his songs and his stories about the first time he went to Belgium etc.

Slingshot Dakota fucking ruled. One of the coolest shows I've seen recently. A guy smashing the drums and a gal smashing the keyboards. She had a fucking distortion pedal for the keyboard. How cool is that? Awesome show, amazing music, there was a LOT of energy in those two people and it all came out. It was awesome. The drummer kissed his crash cymbal at one point. Cool.

I'm not sure about Into It. Over It. It's objectively good music and a good performance, but I wasn't into it that much? No pun intended. I don't know. It was cool.


Mister and Miss Givings

New band on the block! Well, on some block. Not on my block. Some block in the south of the UK. Oh, I'm hearing you: What, another band from the UK? Dude, you have a problem. Yes, I have a problem. In fact, I have lots of problems. I'm coping though. Thanks for reminding me.

There's this band called Misgivings. My friend Joe plays in it, and these dudes called Ollie, Will and Pete do as well. They play instruments. You know. Like the Beatles did. You remember the Beatles, right? They played instruments.
This band - Misgiving, not the Beatles, mind you - just released a demo. The amazing thing about this demo is that you can totally listen to it. Here. Have you clicked the word "here"? Okay, good, let's move on.

Misgivings - Demo (2013, DIY)

1. Gift To Nobody
2. Disappear Here

First thing that comes to mind is this Belgian band called Coma Commander. They sound really similar, both vocally and musically. (Expect a review of their new EP soon-ish, by the way!) I guess I could compare Misgivings to loads of melodic punk kind of bands. That's what you get with punk rock. They could fit perfectly on a line-up with Bangers, Dividers and The Living Daylights, for example. That would be a rad show, I'll tell ya!
This demo is a very nice teaser though. Out of the two songs currently available, Dissappear Here is definitely my favourite. It's catchy enough to get stuck in your head but not blatantly uninspired. Also I like the vocal style on this one better. Kinda shouty but with some really cool lines. It has a nice pace and thematically it reminds me of better times. Which is a nice thing to be reminded of. Gift To Nobody is a cool song too, with some dynamic riffage and subtle melodies going on beneath the surface of a anthematic punk rock song.
Cool demo, I'm hoping to hear more of this band soon, preferably live perhaps.

Another band on the "UK bands rule, dude"-list!



Thursday I saw Self Defense Family play. Finally. Missed the last two or so tours, so I was stoked.

We arrived at the start of Dad Punchers' set. It's basically an re-arranged 3/5 of Touché Amoré playing "bummer punk". That's what it says on their bandcamp, and I actually have no better description. I really enjoyed it. They have a split coming up with The Exquisites that I'm really stoked for, because The Exquisites are amazing and this song is gonna be on it. Cool show, not necessarily tight or impressive, but musically interesting. It was the bass player's first time playing with them, I think?

In the meantime I had hugged all my friends I hadn't seen in some time. Awesome. Lotsa cool people at the show, loved it. I also joined Lost Youth Records, kinda. Cool.

Self Defense Family was everything I expected it to be. Long wound out songs, alienation, signature Patrick speeches and movements, and a generally impressive musical performance. They're a special band, something I rarely see or listen to, so that's really cool. Opinionated, creative, unbounded. I suggest you listen to them.

Touché Amoré played a rad set of like a 100 songs. They started with Just Exist and ended with -what else?- Honest Sleep. Kids went bananers and I got drunk. Good show, they're such a good band. I don't know how they do it.

I bought a bunch of SDF merch and the new TA record. Talked to Kai, who I met in London last year, for a bit and it was fun seeing her again. The SDF people were super friendly people, that was cool.

Afterparty in Leuven, I got shitfaced on whiskey and ordered a pizza that I didn't pick up. What am I, an idiot? Yes.



I'm not gonna do a full review cause I'm lazy and I have to do this thing called actual life for a sec, that sucks.
Anyway, Fest ruled. Let's discuss some stand-out bands.

I saw the Murderburgers 4 times in the States. Every time they reaffirmed they're one of the hardest-working and generally one of the best punk rock bands out there at the moment. It seems they're getting some recognition here and there and getting signed to Asian Man was probably really cool. Love those guys, love those songs. These Are Only Problems is probably my favourite record of 2013, no joke.

Lipstick Homicide. Fucking hell, one of the tightest live bands around.

Saw Like Bats twice. The first time they played like 15 minutes with a bunch of new songs and it was cool but fuck, let me have something dudes. The second time, at Fest, they played a set full of tuneage and I sang my heart out and it was amazing.

I went crazy to Weekend Dads and Corey told me they were probably going to do one last Varsity Weirdos 7", which is amazing cause y'know, Varsity Weirdos are so fucking insanely good, as are Weekend Dads, as are Fear Of Lipstick by the way. But seriously, Weekend Dads. Sooooo good.

I missed Hold Tight!, which I regret. I didn't see Todd C, although he probably played 5/6 sets or so with his various bands. Would've loved to see FYP, but missed them due to drunkenness the first time and due to Hold Tight! the second time, which I in turn also missed. What a mess.

I saw Boys play 2 sets, which was great, they rule so much and you should check them out. I saw Mixtapes for the first time (and probably annoyes the hell out of them) and 2 Masked Intruder songs for the first time.

Knapsack ruled. Dopamines, Mean Jeans, D4 all ruled so much. Well, D4 was really good but they kept blabbering, which is cool but not if you could've played 3 more songs otherwise.

Jabber! Fucking Jabber. They played all the hits, more, and a No Doubt cover (the same song Chumped covered the day before, pretty funny). I've been spinning 200 Days on repeat for the last two months and I'm still not sick of it. Such a good band.

Bunch of other bands. High Dive. Dangit, that was cool. I was pleasantly surprised by Bridge & Tunnel. Fake Boys fucking slayed it. Devon Kay & The Solutions.

Other than the bands: drinks, babes, foods and fun time all the time.

See ya next year, Florida.