On a vacation to the north Sentinel Island.

So there's this new record out and it's by The Copyrights who are really really good and I've liked them since really long but them members started playing with Dear Landlord and there hasn't been new music from the Copyrights since Learn The Hard Way in… 2008 I guess?
So get this, I'm stoked on this new material.

Red Scare Records, 2011
1. Trustees Of Modern Chemistry
2. Crutches
3. Hard-Wired
4. 20 Feet Tall
5. Expatriate Blues
6. Bow Down
7. Worn Out Passport
8. Restless Head
9. Sleep Better
10. Scars
11.The New Ground Floor
12. Never Move Your Back Row
13. Well-Fed And Warm
14. Hell Will Be Party Time

North Sentinel Island features more sound clips and samples than ever before, probably 3 or 4 or something. Besides that, it includes 14 awesome songs, some shorter and faster, some longer and slower, all pop, all punk, all harmonic. Harmony is the Copyrights trademark and signature musical element. "3 mics" as they sang in that one song on that one album. They also sang "4 middle fingers" in that song, which is still the case, as exclaimed in 20 Feet Tall and Well-Fed And Warm, for example.
Notable about this album is the importance and prominence of really good riffs.  They're definitely better than before, without really giving in on another aspect. Better grooves make for better songs. Just listen to the first song: after 16 seconds of major suspense, it'll get you dancing in no time. (Fun fact: at the 1:39 mark of Trustees…, after the sudden stop into the "How…" you can hear someone say "Fuck." I have no idea if this was intended.) Lyrics are pretty ace, harmonies are spot-on, rhythms are tight and they rock so hard your balls will drop and suddenly you'll grow a beard. Sometimes there are these acoustic outros but that's okay I guess.
Basically, I love everything these guys put out and have put out, so this is no exception. They put the power in power pop and the punk in pop punk.

Can't wait for them to come to Europe again. About fucking time. I've seen Dear Landlord 3 times now. But I've only seen the Copyrights once. Make it happen guys.

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