On Tour Pt. I

So there's this Israelian band called Not On Tour that I've been absolutely mad about for the last few months. Now finally they've made it on tour and they are going through Europe as we speak. Friday night they made their stop in Belgium, at JH Tessloo in Tessenderlo. Great night.

Off The Charts opened the gig. Infectious heavy-hearted punk rock. They released a demo about a month ago which everyone should check out. They mostly played newer songs though, as later I was told by the bass player they were kinda sick of their demo songs. Right now they sound like Gainesville punk rock, but they were looking for a more pop punk/hardcore/Title Fight kind of jam. They played a Title Fight cover as well, none other than Memorial Field, awesome.
Great show alltogether, tight sound, promising band!

Violent City was up next. They play violent music. Hardcore music. Something old school I guess, pissed, fast. Good show. They also have a demo out since some time, another one you should check out. Negative Approach cover was pretty damn good. Maybe a bit the odd-one-out, but then again, everything in hardcore/punk is a bit odd, isn't it?
Great set, and the deathcore/pigcore soundcheck was pretty funny as well.

It's Cut Here! 't Is kut hier! They made that clear for sure. Cut Here! are really awesome. Thrashcore kind of stuff. Fast, furious, not giving a shit. I could probably write just about anything here, because they wouldn't care. They have a 7" called Circus, which is a pretty accurate title I guess.
Sadly enough, the band is quitting at the end of this year, so check them out on one of their shows quickly, peepz!

The Priceduifkes are a classic act by now. They're always playing shows whenever they can (they actually just returned from a Austria/Italy tour), so this was no exception. They're getting more popular by the minute and they deserve it. The set was great. Lots of new songs, which was cool because the new songs sound amazing. Can't wait for Can't Lose (release: 15th of/Summer in October). The Sitting Round At Home cover always does the trick, Reagan Youth cover was cool, plus they played Hey Boermans, insane. They played a pretty long set I guess, with encores and stuff, like a professional band. Probably my favourite belgian band.
The Not On Tour guys were into it as well, it seemed.

And they had to play next. The 4 previous bands paved a nice way up to that moment, so the vibe was right and Not On Tour played a solid set. They got the most reaction for the songs from the debut album, but they played some stuff off of the new EP and some new stuff as well, which all sounded great. The perfect marriage between Descendents and Black Flag. Some dancing happened, singing along, the usual.
Such a great band, and Sima as female vocalist really pulls it off well. The show was spot on, Gutzy banging on the drums wicked fast, Valer and Nir tearing it up on guitar and bass plus backing vocals. They put on a pretty long set, including covers by Bad Religion, Dag Nasty, Kid Dynamite and motherfucking Grease. That was approximately the best cover I have ever seen/heard. Not On Tour is all about fun, and that's what they gave us. Love them to bits.

Awesome show, absolutely no regrets I had to bike 80 kilometres to see this.

I do regret I lost my N.O.T. sweater God knows where, probably somewhere between Tessenderlo and Leuven. I also regret forgetting my earplugs, trying to use paper to lower the noise and getting paper stuck in my ear. I'm such an idiot.

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