I made another mixcd, if you're into that stuff. This one is for all the babes out there, who should have a town just for them.

You can download it right here, if you'd like that. If you're not a babe, you're still able to download it, burn it on a cd/tape and give it to a babe. You'll get some babe-love, no doubt.


Kiss Your Language?

Can I just get this out there now? Ever since I listened to Squirtgun's Fade To Bright for the first time (which is, like, 5 years ago), the first song on side B, Kiss Your Language, has always fascinated me. Lyrically. Written by Matt Hart
Here, have a listen and take a look:
When the whales came up to
breathe the sunlight in
they rolled on their stomachs

in the sand.
And when I rush like lava, too,
eardrums crashing, you were

choking, eating oranges
from my hands. 
My attention shivers. Here's a ship
it's in a bottle and a fist of frozen flowers,
maybe I could kiss your language
You said "why not" like a
sweating fire engine,
cartoon, presidential
perfect May.
I'm a born neurotic
horn concerto
wrapped in whale fat.
Will you speak to me today?
My attention shivers. Here's a ship.
It's in a bottle and a parrot giving lectures.

I'm ashamed. I won't go dancing.
All the landings strips are frozen.
Maybe I could kiss your language.
Isn't that just the weirdest songtext you've ever read/heard?
Let's start with the title lyric: Maybe I could kiss your language. Is language a metophorical/metonymical term for mouth? As in language = tongue = actual tongue = mouth = face = person? I mean, most pop punk songs are about wanting to kiss someone, so it would make sense. But then again, we're talking about Squirtgun and they're definitely not 'most pop punk bands'. They do write a fair deal of love songs, but not necessarily. Is it just nonsense? Or does he actually want to kiss an abstract thing like a language? I don't get it.
My most plausible hypothesis is, however, that the song is about almost kissing someone and just losing your mind over the tension or something. Let's look at the rest of the lyrics.

Cause let's face it, that chorus line is the least weird of all. Whales rolling on the beach breathing in sunshine? What is that? Well, it must be some kind of imagery of an epic entrance by or encounter of someone who is literally or, more likely figuritavely, big. Or maybe it is just absolutely nonsense. Am I reading too much into it?
This song is wrinkling my brain.
And then there's a fist of frozen flowers, which, I think, could make sense as an implication of his cold hands (maybe an analogy to cold feet?). But what is the bottled ship doing there? What does that mean? It's like half of the song could make some sense if you try to make sense of it, but the other half is just plain nonsensical. But maybe it's not. This is seriously driving me nuts. Cause, you see, some things are possible valid metaphors, but things like a horn concerto wrapped in whale fat are simply not physically or mentally possible.

There is another party mentioned twice in this song, apart from the kiss your language part. You said "why not" and Will you speak to me today? both imply a sort of pursuit, be it romantic or not, I don't know. The chorus suggests his attention is shivering, so he's flustered, which explains an entire song worth of flustered sentences and phrases.
But it doesn't explain the exact sentences and phrases.
Is this po├ęsie pure, like they used to do in the 20s? Just nonsensical lines that sound good?
Are these metaphors? There's a couple explicit similes (rush like lava, like a sweating fir engine) but most of it is just some sort of mental portrayal without distinct referential value.

So, although I'm clueless about, say, 60% of these song lyrics, I think they are about seeing a girl he likes, going up to her at some sort of event (a dance or party - hence I'm ashamed. I won't go dancing.) and asking her to dance or go out or something (you said "why not"). The protagonist is super nervous and start blabbering/imagining and weird phrase structures come out or go on in his mind. Everything is pretty weird and the only things he has to offer the girl are a bottled ship and some flowers that he can't let go cause he's startled and can't move or something (All the landing strips are frozen.). He asks her for a kiss andwhen she says okay his nervous mind starts boggling and things take an awkward turn (Will you speak to me today? and I'm ashamed. I won't go dancing).

See, I'm pretty sure that I am wrong in this analysis, but the song is just so odd and fascinating. I'm actually happy I can't make anything from it, cause that would perhaps ruin the song.


afternoon punx

De vleesklak who runs Vleesklak Records set up a show yesterday, and it was really cool. Good job Brame. Also I wanna do a shout out to Wim Bite Down, who apparently checks the blog, and he bought some zines, so he's mega rad and I wanna thank him for that.

The show started at 15:45, nothing cures Sunday Blues like a good hardcore show, right? Idiot Convention kicked off, they were ok. There was no bass player, and even though the guitarist had some neat riffs up his sleeve, it did sound a bit flat. Nothing special, good band with good intentions but nothing memorable, for now. Maybe I'll see them again and think they're really good. that has happened before.

Next up were Gewoon Fucking Raggen. Rotterdamn hardcore punx with one of the best names out there. Also their logo is ripped off from the Rotterdam Terror Corps shiznit, so that's funny. Funnily enough, they were really good. I didn't expect that, but they absolutely ripped it up live and played a tight set with great riffs, insane drum parts and bass riffs that made my balls shrink. Really good. The drummer was pretty wired up and played for like, 10 minutes straight before they even started their set. I later heard he has ADD, figures...
Cool band!

Next, Bite Down up in that biatch. Slowly becoming a band I really like, at least in their genre of music. The new line-up is great and the set blasted through a series of short songs with fearless verocity and half-decent precision. No pretension, just powery violence in full force. This was supposed to be there release show for the Mangle split 7", but as it sometimes goes, they didn't arrive in time. Bummer. I did buy a CD, which has their 2 previous EPs on it (from 2009 and 2010) and a shirt, which looks dope as fuck. Looking sharp.

My Man Mike. South Korean hardcorepunk three-piece, pretty cool. Not necessarily really cool, but it was entertaining enough and they played a decent set. It takes some balls to tour Europe, being a band from over there, so that's something. If you're into bands that take risks and play good music, and you wanna support such bands, check 'em out. They still know what it's all about and don't back down to borders, both geographically and musically. Good band.

After a good meal consisting of fries and chicken wings,  I watched Reproach shred it up. it was still only 18:30 so they didn't get the reaction they mostly get, but there was some dancing going on and the 'Pelt dudes played a cool set. Brame came out with a drinking hat for the drummer, of which the drinks were pretty much immediately spilled all over. Funny stuff. Good show, good band, Reproach, what do you expect?

Good Sunday.

Gaia's Downfall

I like punk, right? You betcha I do. So why wouldn't I go to the punx show? Exactly.

Last Thursday Vleugel F in Leuven was the venue of choice for a show on In The Hearts Of Emperors/Downfall Of Gaia's tour. It was pret-ty rad.

To be honest, In The Hearts Of Emperors were on the slightly boring side. They had some cool parts but most of their set got me wondering when it would end. Musically interesting and intelligent, but not for me.

Downfall of Gaia, on the other hand, blew me away. I was really impressed by their music and their performance, and I'm not sure why. It was one of those times when it just clicked between me and the music. I don't know if it'll be the same whe I put on their record, but the show was amazing. So there's that.

If you're into heavy shit with crust and sludge stuff, check 'em out. Their new record is called Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes. Sounds bad-ass.



It should be no secret that I've been on a major UK punk rock high for the last year or so. So, just for fun, I decided to list some of my favourite UK acts that I think are definitely worth checking out.
I should write some show reviews of the last few days, but I'm not feeling that right now, so suck it.

- MUNCIE GIRLS: Two guys and a girl who are doomed to an eternal life of Lemuria comparisons. Sure, it's a cool band to be compared to, but it's alsonot relevant. Muncie Girls is its own band and they fucking rule. They released a demo and have a flawless EP, Revolution Summer, out on Specialist Subject Records. When I type in "bandcamp" in my URL bar they're the first to come up. And I even have the EP. I just liek to listen to it a lot, like at moments when I'm not around my record player.
They're touring Europe this fall with Broadcaster from the US. Needless to say I'll sing along to all of their amazing lyrics and dance like a nutcases to their sweeping melodies. Yeah yuh.

- DIVIDERS: Welsh gruff punx, they conquered my heart being on the split with Ten Speed Bicycle where they played a song about being best friends or something. The opening/chorus riff to Powering Through With The No Sleep Crew and the opening line "We're too damn young to be so damn bald" captured me with its fierceness and sense of thereness. They play music with a certain feel that balances between melancholy and hopefulness. Their other recording are equally good and I sure hope to see them mlive some day.

- TEN SPEED BICYCLE: London vegan straight edge hardcore-influenced emo outfit. I saw them play at the Everyone Everywhere/Chalk Talk show in London last Summer andafter hearing their side of aforementioned split, I was full infatuated with their music. Kai, Tommy and Jack are the nicest people with emo sensibility growing out of their asses into their instruments and creating a single-layered sound of integrity, subtle complexity and just plain cuteness.

So far, all three-pieces. Total coincidence, I promise.

- FAUSTO: I just discovered Fausto on the Outline tour stop in Gloucester. They're from 'round there and they just fuck around basically. They're either musical geniuses who have us all fooled believing they're just some whack dudes, or they're actaully whack dudes who decided to do whack shit with their instruments. They're really enjoyable though, both live and on record. Loud shit, fast shit. Short songs (they have a 16-song EP of almost 12 minutes (and most of it is feedback, by the way)) with no attitude at all. They just play what they deem is pretty neat. The lyrics are amazing. Simplistic imagery of everyday life (Girls Stink, Anti Swag, Friendzoned) and forgettable incidents (Shin Punch, Floor Bizkit, Awake). I fucking love it. The whole concept, or lack thereof, is really lovable.

- THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS: Guess what's the second link is when I type in "bandcamp" in the URL bar? Yeah, it's these blokes. I'm not too crazy about the first records, but What Keeps You Breathing is insanely good. Schooling modern punk rock bands how to do shit the right way. Elaborate songs with social cues, insanely good hooks and the coolest anthematic parts, ideal for singing along to as loudly as possible. Catchy.

- THE MURDERBURGERS: They're a staple band of the UK scene, with the constant touring and constant recording, but also not because they're from Scotland, huh. Nah, This band is fantastic, they've grown with every release and the next one is gonna be a banger. Killer live shows, nicest dudes, there is nothing you can't love about this band. Except for the fact they're Scottish, you can't understand them and their singer is a tiny amicable ginger who undoubtely has a robot arm to play guitar cause there's no way he's actually that fast.

- APOLOGIES, I HAVE NONE: Yeah, I've written about them many times before. Rad band, amazing debut, seen them like 8 or 9 times now, still not tired of the jamz. I don't know how they pull it off, but they manage to sound so coherent and so distinct at the same time. You're probably already into this, no doubt.

- ED WOOD: Of course. In three shows and one night of hanging out they've become one of the coolest people in my 'cool people' book. More like Rad Wood, am I right? Yeah I'm right!! Their band is top notch somethingcore, getting their grind/powerviolence up in those tunes. Their split with Monolithian has had quite a few spins and their approach to songs is really interesting. Crazy, kindhearted people who love to lose their shit on stage and be angry through music.

- THE HOTLINES: I almost forgot the Brighton cuties. Beach-inspired power pop punk fit for any party, even funeral parties. It has been said they have raised people from the dead just by playing Face The Music. They are one of those bands that will make you smile at any time. Even when you're being murdered, they'll still do the trick. Make sure to always carry their music on an MP3 player or discman or something. You never know when you're gonna die, but you better do it smiling. Right?!

That's the bulk of it. There's loads more that I like, but not to the same degree.
Shout-outs go out to Stillbust, Thekidisfireworks, Losing Sleep, Bangers, Nai Harvest, Speedboat Salesmen, Sleeping Lessons, Gnarwolves and buncha others.

Just letting you know what I dig.


Bouncing Sjaals

When in doubt, don't hesitate. I decided to go to the Bouncing Souls show because why wouldn't I? There are a couple reasons why I wouldn't go (entrance was 18 euros, support wasn't too exciting, ...), but the Souls are well worth it and it was and excuse to head out of the comfort of my dorm room into the comfort of the punk rock show. Everyone is my friend at the punk rock. Well, not everybody, but symbolically they are.

Iris, who apparently frequently reads this blorgh (really cool, thanks), told me I should write that the Bouncing Sewls were "super good". While I fully agree to that sentiment, I am determined to write more than 2 words about this show. Why? Because I can. And when you run a succesful blog (heh), you gotta please your entire audience.

First I wanna thank de Vinger for driving my ass there and acquiring an MC Karel shirt that he wore to the show. Publicity, awesome! He's a really great dude.

Secondly I wanna thank the Headshots for playing a good show, even though the weather was pretty unbearable. Most of the answers to the question "how are you?" that night were something like "alright, but it's pretty hot". It was pretty insane. Anyway, Headshots are a good band, the new songs sounded really good live, pick up their new EP if you have the chance. They closed their set with White Riot which was a good idea.

Thirdly I wanna thank friends, acquaintances and other punx people for allowing me to hang out during the Agitators. Not really my kinda thing. Too generic, repetitive and really just too cool for me. But it was nice talking to people who I don't see on a weekly basis.

Fourthly I'd like to thank the Bouncing Seals. You know you've had a succesful career as a punkrock band when your entire set consists of hit songs. Seriously, what the fuck was that? They were great start to finish, everyone seemed to be having fun, like a good punk show should be. I spent the show dancing and having fun with the West-Flemish punx delegation, and ended up on the floor during True Believers for some reason. I think somebody fell on my face. Punx. So yeah, the show was "super good". That basically sums it up.

Also, they had scarfs for sale. On a summer tour. Wack.


dees is van ons AKA BLOG POST #300 WHOO

Last Saturday, The Setup officially released their new record, This Thing Of Ours. It's their 4th full length. I haven't heard it entirely cause I spent all my money on beers and consequently wasn't able to buy it. I will, however, do so when I get the chance, because I believe it will be good. I've heard 3 songs, 2 of which are mediocre and 1 of which is really good. So I'm going for good.

Anyway, Cub Kamikaze, free show, super rad venue, waddup?! The sun was out, beers were had, perfect evening.

I missed Ashes because I was late. Darn it.

I did see Dead End Sin rip it up. Good band, good dudes, they got the hardcore backed.

Saw a couple of Crooks songs. Pretty terrible. I didn't understand what they were playing. The first song sounded so off-beat it was weird. And they had these weird intermezzos and such. Not my cup. I didn't get it at all.

Hangouts instead. Great hangouts, actually. Such a nice evening.

Dead Harts (not to be confused with Dead Hearts) sounded alright, but I was having too much fun hanging to really care for a hardcore band at the moment, so I skipped them too. Sorreh.

I was basically there to see The Setup once again, it had been a while. And whaddayaknow, they ripped the place apart. Classics and new songs, all good and heavy as fuck. I went for beers when they started playing Hostile Eyes, needless to say I lost my beers immediately. Lotsa people going nuts, and I couldn't help myself. I just had to go nuts. It was an ancient power in me that forced me to lose shit and do my best mosh moves. The Setup killed it as usual and I felt 16 again, hardcore was the coolest thing ever again and they were my favourite band in the world again. Okay, the line-up is 80% different from when I was 16 but the old songs and the vibe of some of the new songs still do it. They ef me up, man.

TRIVIA: My bud Robby broke his fucking leg. Fucking fuck. That's 1) fucked up and 2) so fucking hard core. Mostly fucked up and a major bummer, though. Best wishes and such.

Coffee Spivs

Friday night is party night, right? Wrong, last week it was soccer night. You were only allowed to party if you liked soccer. I couldn't give two shits about soccer, unfortunately.

Yet I managed to put on my party-clothes and go to the Klinker to see if anyone was up for it. Few people were on the "up for it" side of life, though.
I had won a duoticket through the radical Soul Food Radio, so that was really cool cause normal entrance was 8 or 10 euros. Wack. So I went to the punkshow, wit my bud Stijn en a couple of other doofuses who give too few shits about soccer.

The Priceduifkes started and they played a set. I literally cannot tell you anything more. Ehm, I can try. They did good. It had been a while since I had seen them so it was all cool. coolcoolcool.

The Accelerators from the great Rotterdam area were up next. I spent too much money on drinks so once again I failed in buying their new record, but live they still sound solid as fuck. Ox is a great frontdude and the band ripped through the set as a punk rock party machine. Of course, with the high stage and the ratio of roomspace to people being 10:1 or something, it didn't translate all too well. But I thoroughly enjoyed their tunes, new and old. Good job!

I had never even heard about Thee Spivs before I saw the poster for this show. But they're friggin' cool! They're a Britsh punk band. Need I say more? Big The Jam-vibe, and all those other early UK punk/mod/new wave bands. Buzzcocks and such. You get the picture, right? Really cool show, just fun, quirky, awesome.

Stijn drove me home. He wasn't sober. I got home safe. I guess he did too. I trust Stijn.


Just a bad idea.

I'm just postponing this blogging bizniz and it's no good. I'll get behind. I need to be on top of the game.

Last Thursday I saw some bands play in some venue.

Now you'll probably stop reading cause that's how most of my reviews go, but let's e-la-bo-ra-te.

The first "band" van "Silver & Gold", a band from "Antwerp" city. I really "like" them. They play gruff "punk" like it should "be" done and I enjoy that. They got "a" new album "coming up" so that's exciting, "isn't" it? Yeah it is.

Up "next" was Ducking "Punches". More like, "Punching Duckies", am I "right"? God, I'm "hilarious". Dan put himself "out there" and he played really good. Why "not", right?

"Bad Ideas" "followed" and "closed" the line-up up. They played a "bitchin'" set full of "songs" that were really good. Their "new" album Compromise "is" also really good.

Damn, that was the worst review I've ever written perhaps.

So let me tell you about how I ended up in the bandses' van because I promised Pie from Silver & Gold I would come hang out with them at his house. So we rode to Antwerp, had some drinks at Pie's place, which is really cool, played a drinking game. I fell asleep halfway through and woke up the next day to the sight of triple the amount of booze on the table than before I fell asleep. Guess I "missed" a cool party.

Responsibility rules. I handed in my master's thesis on Friday. Life rules.



Let's go back to last Wednesday. I saw a show back then. It was at JH Zenith in Dendermonde. Upstairs. Pretty cool venue. It was nice.

I arrived mid-set for Coldsore, who played their first show apparently. Acoustic (side-?)project with a couple of the The Homeless guys. It was cool, I guess. Some cool songs, a xylophone, nice hooks and cool lyrics. Good first impression, I'd check 'em out again.

The next band on the bill was Dowsing. As per usual, I didn't know what they sounded like and I hadn't bothered to listen to them before because I was busy listening to other music. But holy smokes, they were amazing. They captured me from the start with their shreddy emo-ish tunes, chords I couldn't recognise but sounded so infectious. It was great. If I had had a frown, they would have turned it upside down. Know what I'm saying? They're the kind of band that has an inherent energy and fun that makes you happy. It made me happy, anyway. Not many Midwest band can do that. Most of them just make me sad.

Also, I did a short interview with them after the show, and they were really nice peepz. We talked about the new record, girls in the punk scene, nerd stuff and why their bass player was wearing a motorcycle helmet all of a sudden. The drummer kinda looked like me, or I kinda looked like the drummer. Coincidentally, he also looked like the drummer from Direct Hit!, who also looks like me, or who I also look like.

Annabel started playing and they were really cool. Not as much my cup o' tea as Dowsing for some reason, but their brand of the 'mo was definitely more extravagant and freaky. Not in a bad sense. The build-ups, the vocals, the riffage and dynamics all made up for a nice show of which I had to miss the last song because of darn early trains. Great band though.

Forever traindependent.



Post-poning. That's my style. More like, post-pwning, am I right?

I am not right. This past Friday I went to a show by a man called Tim Vantol, backed by a band called The Misprints. I really only wanted to see Coma Commander but I ended up not.

They were supposed to play second, for some reason they play first and due to circumstances we only got there when they were done.

Anyway, I did see The Whaler perform. More like, the wailer, am I right? I am not right. I walked in while he was performing Blue Carolina by Alkaline Trio. I loved him immediately. He covered Teenage Dirtbag and some other cool songs. I stopped loving him when he played his own songs, though. Just a tad monotonous. It was good, but I was not in the mood for a mediocre Elliott Smith rip-off. But anyone who covers the Trio is a good man in my book. I complimented him for that.

Tim Vantol was cool. People were kinda crazy about him but I guess I'm not 'with it'. I should probably also say I'm not into the whole Frank Turner hype either, as I assume those are similar artists. Anyway, the violin player was smiling all of the time, which was cool to see, and the whole band was having an genuinely fun time apparently, which translates into a fun show for the crowd as well. Good job, Timmeke.