On Tour Pt. II

With Belgium liking Not On Tour so much, they played another show in our little no-gov country. Saturday they ripped De Geniepigen Drauk in Aalst apart.

First off, awesome venue. Old school bar, small, a friendly and funny bartender, cool locals, pretty good sound and it had all these weird pictures on the wall which was bad-ass. I'd definitely go there more often if I lived in Aalst.
Only downside is that the stage is partly blocked by a wall.

Secondly, the show. Generation 84 play a couple of support slots on the Not On Tour tour, and they played this show as well. Good band, high Rise Against vibe, amazing vocals, cool band. New songs sound good, old songs keep getting better (in my ears, that is, they've always been the same of course).

Not On Tour played then, another great great show. They mixed up the set a bit, which was good so it didn't sound exactly the same as the day before. They had a stage this time, so that was cool. The band was in full force, genuinely having fun. That's nice to see.

Too bad I could only see about half of it. Have I mentioned I hate (weekend)trains? They make you leave early from shows, only to have you wait 58 fucking minutes in Brussel-Noord station. What the fuck? This sucks.

Plus: I did a short interview with them, which will be available in the next issue of the fanzine! Get excited to read about the entire Israelian socio-political situation! (Just kidding.)
Also: Not On Tour are the nicest guys and gal (just as that, there's no second part to the equation). Seriously, amazing people with so much heart.

Central station, final destination.

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