Yesterday was JJ Records' (a  record store for alternative music in Leuven) final party. They are officially closed. Earlier this year word was out that this loved store would have to shut down, which obviously sucks balls.

My first time in JJ Records was when I was 15 or something. A couple of years ago, during a day out in Leuven and someone showed me the store. I bought Rise Against's "Revolutions Per Minute" and Black Flag's "Damaged", 2 records I still get crazy to. From then on, every time I'd be in Leuven I would visit JJ Records. What else could someone do? I couldn't order my stuff through the internet cause I didn't have a credit card. The local stores would have a few Pennywise, NOFX and Bad Religion albums, but that was it. And I wanted more.
I haven't got any idea anymore what CD's I bought there exactly, but it's quite a few. They had punk and hardcore, but a lot of indie, rock and even rap and electronic music. Real good selection.
They were also a source for concert and festival tickets without paying too much administration costs.

Overall great store, and yesterday they closed in style. I didn't stick around until the end, but I saw some cool sets.

The first set was by The Sedan Vault, a band whose name I apparently have been mispronouncing for years. Oh, well. Anyway, they're the Belgian version of the Mars Volta and they are damn good. I've seen them before, but without any interest, so it didn't stick back then. Yesterday, I was blown. The only thing I could say is that it sounds exactly like The Mars Volta (even the name is similar, and even the dance moves were similar), but that's not really a bad thing and after all they write their own songs, so the fact they sound so good is all their own input. Wicked band. Amazing.

Then some other guys started playing, and I was confused cause I was expecting Homer. So I went to grab a Cara Pils in the night shop. When I came back, Homer was setting up all of a sudden. Weird. Anyway, Homer put on a bitchin' set, cool songs and great atmosphere. Their singer used to work at JJ Records, and he does Funtime Records, so an obligatory band on a night like that.

After the shows, which was the last time I set foot in the store, some hangouts ensued, some DJ started spinning tunes and I went off.

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