2014: the year nothing changed and everything was different.

Hey guys! Sorry for the absolute lack of updates. Here's what happened since WTFest 6, which is the last thing I wrote about.
- Summer In October fest: absolute blast, like every year. Good bands, good friends, dangerous cocktails.
- Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor 2: if the Beach Boys wrote a song about this it'd be called "(Fun Fun Fun)10". Toys That Kill killed it.
- The Fest 13: tiring but the best time ever. frands and bands!
- interfestivum: looking for a job and going to shows.
- accidental tour with The Helltons: two week trip through Germany, Italy, France and Spain with my favourite Parisians/Bordeauxans
- Monster Zero Mash 2014: mental. dang mental.
- ????

So here is my end of the year list:

The Sugar Stems - We Only Come Out At Night
Absolute favourite of the year. PERFECT. The only record I'll ever need.
Martha - Courting Strong
Durham pop music with members of ONSIND. Incredible.
The Priceduifkes - Why Not
Hitmachine. Their best work yet.
The Windowsill - Showboating
They done did it again, pop punk songs like you've heard before, played like you've never heard before.
The Kimberly Steaks - To Live And Die In West Central Scotland
Jawbreaker and Simpsons references played by the Scottish version of Osker. Can't go wrong
The Copyrights - Report & Hospital Job - The Believer
I take these together because of reasons. Both incredibly catchy and some of their best songs yet.
The Helltons - Dead Wrong
Best dudes, best EP. It's better live but the recordings sound really gritty and fun!
Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again
This sound like the band I fell in love with. Incredible. Out of their comfort zone. No stagediving material.
Great Cynics/Muncie Girls split
Two of Britain's best pop/indie punks each write three amazing tunes.
Rational Anthem - Emotionally Unavailable
When you're not tired of catchy pop punk yet, there's always Rational Anthem. Tighttttt.
Outline - Noose
Angry. Pissed. Awesome.
High Dive - Europe EP
The best band return with some new songs and blow my mind once again.
...and a buncha other albums

House Boat (Crossbonefest)
Toys That Kill (Pre-Fest 2)
Arms Aloft (Fest 12)
The Dutch Rudders (Leuven)
Lipstick Homicide e.a. (Dilbeek)
At The Gates (Antwerpen)
Joyce Manor e.a. (Antwerpen)
Murderburgers (every show)
Priceduifkes (every show)

2014 was cool.
I'm working on a new zine (sporadically). Let's say it'll be out before Crossbonefest.
Please come to Crossbonefest.
Maybe I'll restart writing the blog in 2015.
Have a nice day.