MikeX HerreraX

Punk rock in the Sojo is kind of standard now. This time it was Mike Herrera of MxPx doing a tour. He stopped right there in Leuven.

First band, last-minute, was Hangin' Out, from Li├Ęge. Good band, yeah. Punk rock, maybe skate punk, maybe somthing else. Not bad, but it sounded pretty flat. Not entirely my cup of tea.

Next up was Cancer from Switzerland. More poppy but equally bland actually. Cancer were the supporting band for the MxPx set with Mike Herrera.

Mike Herrera did an acoustic set as well, which was pretty boring. Also, I know very few MxPx songs. The only song I knew from the set was Quit Your Life, which was pretty good.

Then, finally, after all the waiting, the beers and the hangouts, the surrogate MxPx played their set. They were pretty awesome. Pop punk classics such as Chick Magnet and Responsibility (to which I got half-lifted in the air, then fell, then tried again, fell again and finally succeeded in a awesome crowdsurf), a lot of dancing, singing along, having fun. Unfortunately a very short set. I would have liked to hear more. Last song (encore) was obviously Punk Rawk Show, which was the real crowdpleaser. It was a punk rock show alright.
Good stuff.

Got a picture with Mike Herrera, like real fans. Most of the people on the picture aren't even trve MxPx fans, I guess.

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