Bye bye Comrade

Another Rock Café show in Leuven last night.

Off The Charts started with the show, they played what they normally play and it always sounds fine. The Misfits cover (I think) during the 'technical difficulties' was fun. Title Fight cover is fun. Their own songs are fun, and I'm excited about the new stuff. They sound a tad different but I guess I'm into it. It's kind of going up the pop punk/hardcore alley.

I have actually never seen or heard Comrade Korsakov play, but I got my share of scenepoints by attending their farewell show. Apparently they're split now. Anyway, it wasn't a decent show are something but I'm pretty sure that was far from the intention. It was fun and games, playing covers and letting the audience sing (stuff like Josie, Oops I OD'd, Walk On Water, …), yelling stuff, making jokes, drinking beer. Their own songs were fast and punkrock, and they really weren't bad or anything. I quite enjoyed it. So goodbye to this band, they gave me a free CD (they gave everyone a free CD) so I'll have to check what I missed out on!

Last band on the bill was X-State Ride, an Italian band, but with the drummer of some skate-punk band backing them up. I couldn't remember what band he played with, but I'm sure I've seen him play. Anyway, short set because of the replacement drummer, but it sounded pretty swell. Sound was crap though.
So yeah, I had a lot of fun, hopefully scored some scenepoints.


Institutionalized Misogyny

Just a quick post for this awesome song, mainly for the lyrics 'cause they deal with what I'm studying about kind of. Truth is, I don't fully understand it.

It is "Institutionalized Misogyny" (which basically means "constituted hatred for women" or something) by MTX/The Mr. T Experience, off of Yesterday Rules.
I'm not complaining, I'm just figuring out how everything left us behind.
I got my problems, I'm aware of them. I'll take care of them, never you mind!

You're still repeating pre-recorded things they used to say in universities and books on left wing politics and law
about underlying structures that so far as they mean anything still won't support the personal connections that you draw.

Institutionalized misogyny:
that's all that stands between my baby and me.

Now science tells us I'm hard-wired to, I'm required to do it with you.
'Cause I'm a man, and you're a woman and that's what those kind of people do.

I stole that line from Woody Allen, isn't it amusing? I wish I could make you understand what Woody Allen meant.
If there's no such thing as objective reality why can't we quit our jobs and just imagine we won't have to pay the rent?

Institutionalized misogyny:
that's why they're charging rent to my baby and me.

Michelle, ma belle: ton beau, Michel Foucault.
A Foucault dependent's always ready to go.
I think we're alone. I might have known:
She's got Chomsky on the phone.

Institutionalized misogyny:
that's all that stands between my baby and me.
My baby and me.
My baby and me.
Download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?lh6nplb7vrkqb5b

If you have any clue what exactly Dr. Frank is saying, please let me know.

I like this place, I like the chords even better.


Support was handled by the motherfuckers of Break Of Day, who actually did the support for HWM last year as well! Does this mean they are super good? Well, yeah probably. I actually missed them last year, so this time I was eager to see them. the show started of loud and good. You could probably call this melodic hardcore but I don't think you want to. The big deal about Break Of Day is that Teun is probably one of Belgium's best singers. The other deal is that they're just a real cool band. Cool songs, not overcomplicated but not boring by far. Great guitar melodies, solid rhythmic back-up. This time though, sometimes they were dragging a bit. I'm just saying.
Enjoyed the show, and overall the fast songs are better I think. Fast songs are almost always better.

The night went on and suddenly Make Do And Mend were on stage. It was their first European tour so I hope we gave them a warm welcome. They played a kick-ass set, with Transparent Seas being the best song they ever wrote and probably the best song any band ever wrote. I think, at least. Seriously though, they have a heap of great songs and they played a good part of that heap. It's funny though, cause at times they would start to play a song and I would think to myself "isn't this a Hot Water Music song?" and it never was of course. It's funny because they sound really similar, also vocally. It's not really funny, moreso "noticeable", actually. It's noticeable, you know.
Anyway, this band kicks arse, buy their album End Measured Mile, their other album Bodies Of Water, try to find We're All Just Living and score the split with Touché Amoré (of which, by the way, the played Cobwebs, awesome song).
Just hide your heart, go back to sleep.

Then, this band called Hot Water Music were supposed to play. They've been one of my favourite bands since a few years now (maybe 5 or so), so I was pretty psyched up (and had been for the past week or so, for that matter). So I waited. Now, they're the kind of band that's big enough to have roadies and intro music so they just have to get on stage when the time is there. And when the time was there, they started playing Remedy and people were like "OH YEAH". They played more songs and people kept being like that. Sometimes a bit less. Overall a good set, but the newer and slower songs kinda held the drive back, which held the crowd back in its turn. Nevertheless a lot of classics to which people went nuts, and hey, the "slower" songs aren't, like, bad or anything! Good stuff. Also cool that they picked up some of the songs suggested by the audience, like Free Radio Gainesville, At The End Of A Gun and It's Hard To Know. On the other hand, they ended up not playin the Boucing Souls' True Believers, a cover that would have been cool to hear again.
As for the band's performance, I had the impression Chuck was in shape, and was really getting into it. Chris looked way more drunk and was just jamming his ass off. Still sounded great, and it looked cool cause he was so chill. As a bassist, I admire Jason's skills, he makes it seem so simple. And as a lover of music, I think George drummed the place apart. Damn. Also, George appears to be the only one left with a beard. I'm just saying.
They played some xON COREx songs and after that, the show was done. that's how it goes.
Live your heart and never follow.


Just about nothington

"I've been to Zele now, I believe that's something you can put on your resume!" I jokingly said last night. I was there for a good 3 hours. Missed the headlining band. Yeah, well, whatever.
In Zele they don't really dance, they just jump into eachothers necks all of the time, which is fun as well of course. Silly Zele.

Dear Hearts opened up tha show for a 10-ish peepz. Does that suck? Yes. Should they care? No. Should we care? No. Should more people show up early to punkrockshows? Definitely. 'nyway, the show was good. They started with one of their earlier sonsg, "The Mark", which is pretty cool. It's been more than a year since I've last seen the Deinze boys rock out, so yeah, I was reasonably impressed with their progress. Solid punkrock. Like, real punkrock, like they used to make. Like the big bands used to make. No 3 powerchords bullshit (actually, yes), no stupid Ramones soundalikes, no obligatory Chuck Taylor's. 3 out of 4 Hearts wore a hat (trivial fact). They played Hybrid Moments (trivial fact).
So, straight up good show, semi-tight performance, likeable songs. Full CD "Grab My Hand" out October 1st , check it if your into no-nonsense melodic punkrock with the occasional vocal harmony.

A-well-a everybody's heard - about the bird. And the bird is a duifke in this case. The silly geezers from the PDS (short for PriceDuifkeS) came to rock the town yesterday night. They played some tunes. That's actually the best I can say I think, haha. They had  been in the studio just before, for 5 days. Result: crappy setlist, flawed performance, but a lot of new songs, which was cool, because -and I don't know if you already know- the new album (Can't Lose, out October 15th) is gonna tear your head off. That's right, just like the wookie in that one song. It's gonna make you break stuff. Like in the Limp Bizkit song. Okay, sorry. It's gonna be a blast.
The show, though, wasn't up to scratch, and mambo's guitar strap/straplock kept breaking off. 't Was fun, but nothing to write home about (yet, apparently, something to write a blogpost about).

Like I said, I missed Nothington, kinda bummed 'bout that. I don't have a driver's license, so I have to deal with lame trains. I like trains alright, just not the hours they leave.

There were 2 arguments on the train back home. People suck, they care too much about stupid stuff.



Yesterday was JJ Records' (a  record store for alternative music in Leuven) final party. They are officially closed. Earlier this year word was out that this loved store would have to shut down, which obviously sucks balls.

My first time in JJ Records was when I was 15 or something. A couple of years ago, during a day out in Leuven and someone showed me the store. I bought Rise Against's "Revolutions Per Minute" and Black Flag's "Damaged", 2 records I still get crazy to. From then on, every time I'd be in Leuven I would visit JJ Records. What else could someone do? I couldn't order my stuff through the internet cause I didn't have a credit card. The local stores would have a few Pennywise, NOFX and Bad Religion albums, but that was it. And I wanted more.
I haven't got any idea anymore what CD's I bought there exactly, but it's quite a few. They had punk and hardcore, but a lot of indie, rock and even rap and electronic music. Real good selection.
They were also a source for concert and festival tickets without paying too much administration costs.

Overall great store, and yesterday they closed in style. I didn't stick around until the end, but I saw some cool sets.

The first set was by The Sedan Vault, a band whose name I apparently have been mispronouncing for years. Oh, well. Anyway, they're the Belgian version of the Mars Volta and they are damn good. I've seen them before, but without any interest, so it didn't stick back then. Yesterday, I was blown. The only thing I could say is that it sounds exactly like The Mars Volta (even the name is similar, and even the dance moves were similar), but that's not really a bad thing and after all they write their own songs, so the fact they sound so good is all their own input. Wicked band. Amazing.

Then some other guys started playing, and I was confused cause I was expecting Homer. So I went to grab a Cara Pils in the night shop. When I came back, Homer was setting up all of a sudden. Weird. Anyway, Homer put on a bitchin' set, cool songs and great atmosphere. Their singer used to work at JJ Records, and he does Funtime Records, so an obligatory band on a night like that.

After the shows, which was the last time I set foot in the store, some hangouts ensued, some DJ started spinning tunes and I went off.


MikeX HerreraX

Punk rock in the Sojo is kind of standard now. This time it was Mike Herrera of MxPx doing a tour. He stopped right there in Leuven.

First band, last-minute, was Hangin' Out, from Liège. Good band, yeah. Punk rock, maybe skate punk, maybe somthing else. Not bad, but it sounded pretty flat. Not entirely my cup of tea.

Next up was Cancer from Switzerland. More poppy but equally bland actually. Cancer were the supporting band for the MxPx set with Mike Herrera.

Mike Herrera did an acoustic set as well, which was pretty boring. Also, I know very few MxPx songs. The only song I knew from the set was Quit Your Life, which was pretty good.

Then, finally, after all the waiting, the beers and the hangouts, the surrogate MxPx played their set. They were pretty awesome. Pop punk classics such as Chick Magnet and Responsibility (to which I got half-lifted in the air, then fell, then tried again, fell again and finally succeeded in a awesome crowdsurf), a lot of dancing, singing along, having fun. Unfortunately a very short set. I would have liked to hear more. Last song (encore) was obviously Punk Rawk Show, which was the real crowdpleaser. It was a punk rock show alright.
Good stuff.

Got a picture with Mike Herrera, like real fans. Most of the people on the picture aren't even trve MxPx fans, I guess.


On Tour Pt. II

With Belgium liking Not On Tour so much, they played another show in our little no-gov country. Saturday they ripped De Geniepigen Drauk in Aalst apart.

First off, awesome venue. Old school bar, small, a friendly and funny bartender, cool locals, pretty good sound and it had all these weird pictures on the wall which was bad-ass. I'd definitely go there more often if I lived in Aalst.
Only downside is that the stage is partly blocked by a wall.

Secondly, the show. Generation 84 play a couple of support slots on the Not On Tour tour, and they played this show as well. Good band, high Rise Against vibe, amazing vocals, cool band. New songs sound good, old songs keep getting better (in my ears, that is, they've always been the same of course).

Not On Tour played then, another great great show. They mixed up the set a bit, which was good so it didn't sound exactly the same as the day before. They had a stage this time, so that was cool. The band was in full force, genuinely having fun. That's nice to see.

Too bad I could only see about half of it. Have I mentioned I hate (weekend)trains? They make you leave early from shows, only to have you wait 58 fucking minutes in Brussel-Noord station. What the fuck? This sucks.

Plus: I did a short interview with them, which will be available in the next issue of the fanzine! Get excited to read about the entire Israelian socio-political situation! (Just kidding.)
Also: Not On Tour are the nicest guys and gal (just as that, there's no second part to the equation). Seriously, amazing people with so much heart.

Central station, final destination.

On Tour Pt. I

So there's this Israelian band called Not On Tour that I've been absolutely mad about for the last few months. Now finally they've made it on tour and they are going through Europe as we speak. Friday night they made their stop in Belgium, at JH Tessloo in Tessenderlo. Great night.

Off The Charts opened the gig. Infectious heavy-hearted punk rock. They released a demo about a month ago which everyone should check out. They mostly played newer songs though, as later I was told by the bass player they were kinda sick of their demo songs. Right now they sound like Gainesville punk rock, but they were looking for a more pop punk/hardcore/Title Fight kind of jam. They played a Title Fight cover as well, none other than Memorial Field, awesome.
Great show alltogether, tight sound, promising band!

Violent City was up next. They play violent music. Hardcore music. Something old school I guess, pissed, fast. Good show. They also have a demo out since some time, another one you should check out. Negative Approach cover was pretty damn good. Maybe a bit the odd-one-out, but then again, everything in hardcore/punk is a bit odd, isn't it?
Great set, and the deathcore/pigcore soundcheck was pretty funny as well.

It's Cut Here! 't Is kut hier! They made that clear for sure. Cut Here! are really awesome. Thrashcore kind of stuff. Fast, furious, not giving a shit. I could probably write just about anything here, because they wouldn't care. They have a 7" called Circus, which is a pretty accurate title I guess.
Sadly enough, the band is quitting at the end of this year, so check them out on one of their shows quickly, peepz!

The Priceduifkes are a classic act by now. They're always playing shows whenever they can (they actually just returned from a Austria/Italy tour), so this was no exception. They're getting more popular by the minute and they deserve it. The set was great. Lots of new songs, which was cool because the new songs sound amazing. Can't wait for Can't Lose (release: 15th of/Summer in October). The Sitting Round At Home cover always does the trick, Reagan Youth cover was cool, plus they played Hey Boermans, insane. They played a pretty long set I guess, with encores and stuff, like a professional band. Probably my favourite belgian band.
The Not On Tour guys were into it as well, it seemed.

And they had to play next. The 4 previous bands paved a nice way up to that moment, so the vibe was right and Not On Tour played a solid set. They got the most reaction for the songs from the debut album, but they played some stuff off of the new EP and some new stuff as well, which all sounded great. The perfect marriage between Descendents and Black Flag. Some dancing happened, singing along, the usual.
Such a great band, and Sima as female vocalist really pulls it off well. The show was spot on, Gutzy banging on the drums wicked fast, Valer and Nir tearing it up on guitar and bass plus backing vocals. They put on a pretty long set, including covers by Bad Religion, Dag Nasty, Kid Dynamite and motherfucking Grease. That was approximately the best cover I have ever seen/heard. Not On Tour is all about fun, and that's what they gave us. Love them to bits.

Awesome show, absolutely no regrets I had to bike 80 kilometres to see this.

I do regret I lost my N.O.T. sweater God knows where, probably somewhere between Tessenderlo and Leuven. I also regret forgetting my earplugs, trying to use paper to lower the noise and getting paper stuck in my ear. I'm such an idiot.


On a vacation to the north Sentinel Island.

So there's this new record out and it's by The Copyrights who are really really good and I've liked them since really long but them members started playing with Dear Landlord and there hasn't been new music from the Copyrights since Learn The Hard Way in… 2008 I guess?
So get this, I'm stoked on this new material.

Red Scare Records, 2011
1. Trustees Of Modern Chemistry
2. Crutches
3. Hard-Wired
4. 20 Feet Tall
5. Expatriate Blues
6. Bow Down
7. Worn Out Passport
8. Restless Head
9. Sleep Better
10. Scars
11.The New Ground Floor
12. Never Move Your Back Row
13. Well-Fed And Warm
14. Hell Will Be Party Time

North Sentinel Island features more sound clips and samples than ever before, probably 3 or 4 or something. Besides that, it includes 14 awesome songs, some shorter and faster, some longer and slower, all pop, all punk, all harmonic. Harmony is the Copyrights trademark and signature musical element. "3 mics" as they sang in that one song on that one album. They also sang "4 middle fingers" in that song, which is still the case, as exclaimed in 20 Feet Tall and Well-Fed And Warm, for example.
Notable about this album is the importance and prominence of really good riffs.  They're definitely better than before, without really giving in on another aspect. Better grooves make for better songs. Just listen to the first song: after 16 seconds of major suspense, it'll get you dancing in no time. (Fun fact: at the 1:39 mark of Trustees…, after the sudden stop into the "How…" you can hear someone say "Fuck." I have no idea if this was intended.) Lyrics are pretty ace, harmonies are spot-on, rhythms are tight and they rock so hard your balls will drop and suddenly you'll grow a beard. Sometimes there are these acoustic outros but that's okay I guess.
Basically, I love everything these guys put out and have put out, so this is no exception. They put the power in power pop and the punk in pop punk.

Can't wait for them to come to Europe again. About fucking time. I've seen Dear Landlord 3 times now. But I've only seen the Copyrights once. Make it happen guys.