Face The Living Charts

Another Wednesday night show at de Klinker in Aarschot. This time in the small bar. There were punk rock bands. Oh dear.

First up was Off The Charts. Can't really tell anything about them anymore. These guys are all over the place. Good band, new songs sound very promising.

Second up was Face The Fax, who are apparently "sharp as an axe". Cool band, good songs. Melodic, fast. Couple of cool covers (Rancid, A Wilhelm Scream). Energy. Great show.

Third up was The Living Daylights. They're from Britain. They rule, apparently. I only realised that, like, the night before, when I heard their latest output "What Keeps You Breathing" and then of course during their show, which was really good. I guess I've missed out on this band for some time, I was really into it. Bought their albums, the new one and the old one. They're good. The new one is outstanding.

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