Just about nothington

"I've been to Zele now, I believe that's something you can put on your resume!" I jokingly said last night. I was there for a good 3 hours. Missed the headlining band. Yeah, well, whatever.
In Zele they don't really dance, they just jump into eachothers necks all of the time, which is fun as well of course. Silly Zele.

Dear Hearts opened up tha show for a 10-ish peepz. Does that suck? Yes. Should they care? No. Should we care? No. Should more people show up early to punkrockshows? Definitely. 'nyway, the show was good. They started with one of their earlier sonsg, "The Mark", which is pretty cool. It's been more than a year since I've last seen the Deinze boys rock out, so yeah, I was reasonably impressed with their progress. Solid punkrock. Like, real punkrock, like they used to make. Like the big bands used to make. No 3 powerchords bullshit (actually, yes), no stupid Ramones soundalikes, no obligatory Chuck Taylor's. 3 out of 4 Hearts wore a hat (trivial fact). They played Hybrid Moments (trivial fact).
So, straight up good show, semi-tight performance, likeable songs. Full CD "Grab My Hand" out October 1st , check it if your into no-nonsense melodic punkrock with the occasional vocal harmony.

A-well-a everybody's heard - about the bird. And the bird is a duifke in this case. The silly geezers from the PDS (short for PriceDuifkeS) came to rock the town yesterday night. They played some tunes. That's actually the best I can say I think, haha. They had  been in the studio just before, for 5 days. Result: crappy setlist, flawed performance, but a lot of new songs, which was cool, because -and I don't know if you already know- the new album (Can't Lose, out October 15th) is gonna tear your head off. That's right, just like the wookie in that one song. It's gonna make you break stuff. Like in the Limp Bizkit song. Okay, sorry. It's gonna be a blast.
The show, though, wasn't up to scratch, and mambo's guitar strap/straplock kept breaking off. 't Was fun, but nothing to write home about (yet, apparently, something to write a blogpost about).

Like I said, I missed Nothington, kinda bummed 'bout that. I don't have a driver's license, so I have to deal with lame trains. I like trains alright, just not the hours they leave.

There were 2 arguments on the train back home. People suck, they care too much about stupid stuff.

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