There's a new edition of This Ain't Noise fanzine, and it's called #3. This is because it is the third edition. Can you believe it? I can.
I've been working pretty hard on making this better and better but it hasn't helped so far. It still sucks.
But you have to buy it anyway, cause it's full of cool stuff you can read or look at!

It contains:
- RECORD REVIEWS until you get sick of them.
- so many BANDS ‘n’ stuff that you need to CHECK OUT on your own.
- random LISTS of things that deal with music.
- a report of my trip to northern ITALY and a check-up on the PUNK ROCK there.

It costs:
50 cents a piece!

It has:
- 20 A5 pages
- no colours (so, black-and-white)
- a pressing of 100 copies
- maybe a sticker if you're lucky

For distribution information, check out the facebook page! You bunch of nerds!

If you have further questions, hit me up on facebook or thisaintnoise@gmail.com

Please check it out, I'm pretty stoked about it! Hopefully it is rightful stokedness!

The Welly's

I saw The Wellingtons 2 times last week.

The first time they rocked in Brescia.
The second time they rocked even harder in Villadossola.
Both shows were beyond awesome.
Best band. Love 'em.
Check it out.
They covered Kiss' Rock 'n' Roll All Nite en Weezer's Keep Fishin'.
Kate's pretty hawt. They're all sexy motherfuckers, actually.
They sure know how to put on a fun show. Probably the funnest show I've seen in a while.

Here are some videos:



Our love can't make a spark, when your heart's 20 below.

Hiya, sorry for the delay, but I went on a holiday without access to the outside world.
The evening before, though, I went to a punk rock show.

The Adjectives
started playing and they were pretty bad at the start, but then it got better. So that's alright! Cool songs about punk rock and girls. 2 cool things. They played a fairly decent set overall and I guess I'd like to see them again. Fun punk. Guitarist had a cape on, for whatever reason. Cool guys doing their very best!

The Dead 70's Show was way faster and actually pretty awesome. Some problems with vocal consistency, but besides that a tight set of rock'n'rolling punk rock. Plus, Manges-esque outfits!

The 20Belows from Denmark played a couple songs but I couldn't catch the whole set because I had to catch a bus to London. Super pity. They're a great band. Check out "For Better Days".


Gimme the Gamits!

Thursday night show in Hasselt. The bar called Carpe Diem has been having quite a lot of good shows lately and have scheduled quite a lot of good shows in the future.
Yesterday it was The Gamits and Goodbye Fairbanks who stopped by on their tour for a show to play for 3 guys and a horse's head (Dutchism).

The Gamits have apparently been a band since 1995 or somthing, which is... whoa. Cool! I ha heard of them alright, and I saw they were on a European tour so I decided to check it out. So just this week I started listening to them and they are good! The funny thing is, on their Antidote album he sounds like your average pop punk singer, and then on this Parts album (which is, I think, their latest, cause it was the only one for sale at the show) the singer sounds an awful lot like the guy from One Man Army/Dead To Me. Really weird, but it's all really good stuff and I'm actually really excited about this band.
So I was siked for their show for sure. Because they've been around for quite a while they're pretty aged dudes but very young at heart and such. Still kicking it, y'know? They played a bitchin' set of songs I recognised and knew halfway. Some songs I could sing along to, which was fun. Their lyrics aren't what you would expect, they're pretty intelligent actually. Kinda Dopamines-like songtexts, but less wit and expensive words, more straight-forward and clever.
They're a bit to the poppy side but damn can they rock hard and fast! I think the main reason I'm so into it is because they bring pop punk but it's not the "same old, same old". It's refreshing and such. Heartfelt. And of course - and this has become a meaningless phrase as I use it for almost every band - so damn catchy.

I caught the first song of Goodbye Fairbanks' show but had to leave to catch my train instead. It was alright, but yeah. The bass player from the Gamits (who's the "new guy") told me "they're friends, but I don't really like their music". So I don't think I really missed out on much. Couldn't know though, I generally tend to like everything someway somehow.


The proud, the few.

Yesterday I had my second and final resit exam (it went pretty good), so I was like “YEAHHHHH LET’S DRINK BEER AND GO TO THE PUNK ROCK SHOW!”. So that’s what I did.

I’ve been at the Rock CafĂ© a whole bunch of times now, and that’s great because that means the Leuven music scene is doing pretty good! So I thought… The place wasn’t exactly packed. Okay, it was a Monday night, but it started on time and ended on time. There was the fun fair going on but that  couldn’t be an excuse to not go to the show. On top of that, it was free, so where was everybody?
I actually counted the people who were watching SOEY’s show (the headlining band), and the number was a mere 10. That breaks my heart. What the fuck you guys.
First up was Kitty Magnet, a local rock n roll band (Aarschot area). They were pretty cool. I like my rock’n’roll fix once in a while. It was pretty bad-ass and reminded my of Sex Bobomb (the fictional band in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). According to themselves, they play “some serious throat scraping rock’n’roll”. Can’t argue with that. Rhythmically driven by tight drums and rumbling bass, melodicized by sexy guitar riffs and bluesy solos. Good stuff, it doesn’t have tob e punk rock all the time.

Next up was Generation 84. I wasn’t really aware they were going to play this show, so that was a cool 'surprise'. Cool show, as usual. Can’t really say much anymore, I’ve seen them a fair number of times, which means they’re ‘good busy’, alright. Good show, a lot of energy, but a tough/small crowd.
I think I like Break Of Day (Teun’s other band) better but Kenny from RMP doesn’t. It’s totally up to you, though.

The last band was SOEY from Austria, who play catchy punk rock. Straight up. Really fun show, they were feeling it, the crowd was… well, the crowd was small but I think the people present were liking it. I almost danced, but I wasn’t drunk enough to embarrass myself. Not that dancing is embarrassing, I’m just to shy to get wild on my own. Anyway, these guys (a pretty young band I think) were doing their shit the right way, super nice guys and they definitely deserve more attention. So check ‘em out! They have a new album out, called Headwind. It’s probably pretty good, I failed to pick it up because I forgot, really.

So yeah, kids: don’t start a band.


Face The Living Charts

Another Wednesday night show at de Klinker in Aarschot. This time in the small bar. There were punk rock bands. Oh dear.

First up was Off The Charts. Can't really tell anything about them anymore. These guys are all over the place. Good band, new songs sound very promising.

Second up was Face The Fax, who are apparently "sharp as an axe". Cool band, good songs. Melodic, fast. Couple of cool covers (Rancid, A Wilhelm Scream). Energy. Great show.

Third up was The Living Daylights. They're from Britain. They rule, apparently. I only realised that, like, the night before, when I heard their latest output "What Keeps You Breathing" and then of course during their show, which was really good. I guess I've missed out on this band for some time, I was really into it. Bought their albums, the new one and the old one. They're good. The new one is outstanding.