I'm here to say: "I'm here to say"

I'm lazy. I kno-how. Here's what happened last Saturday.

It was Dimitri & Jef's birthday partay, which was hella fun. I got hella drunk and I did my first show as MC Karel. Oh geez.

First up was fries. I went to the same place as I did last time I was in Roeselare. The fries are really good but they ruin it by putting a literal ton of salt on them. Kinda ruined everything. Also, the guy behind the counter came to the venue at like, 2 am later that night and was all coked up and fucked. Weird. Only in Roeselare.

Then beers. I was on time, so rather early actually. Good amount of people, it promised to be a good night. After a while the first band took the stage: Eastwood.
Holy moley. Good shit. They covered Hot Water Music's Jack Of All Trades, and I guess they draw a close comparison to Hot Water Music, and stuff like The Loved Ones, Latterman, all that jazz. They're a really cool band, definitely worth checking out and seeing live. Bass playing was pretty original and creative, the riffs were great, punchy yet fuzzy (that doesn't add up...). Great show, I wanna see them again.

Saw half of No Refund. They did a Copyrights cover. They're young dudes, and I think it's really cool to see those guys play and jam out. They still have to sort shit out, musicwise and like, playing tight and stuff, but generally they're walking a good road and they're doing what they like, which I admire.

Next were The Lamourettes. I favoured hanging out outside and getting drawn on by this weirdo guy Jordi over it. Maybe not the best decision I ever made.

Then it was time for The Helltons, I think. They killed it. They're such a great band and it's a shame they aren't famous. Buncha french guys were there, so it was lotsa fun. Listen to the Helltons if you aren't already. Crucial stuff.

Wank For Peace was the last band. They ruled. They're kinda all over the punk rock place and it was really cool. they did a Blink cover I didn't recognize until 1 minute in. Really enjoyed it, bought the record, the whole shebang.

Then it was time for MC Karel. I couldn't hear the music really well so I didn't know if I was on the beat or not. I was also really drunk so I forgot my lines and kinda skipped parts and it was really awkward but kinda fun.

I also did an acoustic session for MC Karel with Jordi, which will possibly be featured on the Sunglasses Sessions thing.



To live and die with lions

A couple of years ago I heard Dude Manor by Living With Lions. Sure, I liked it. That's abaout all I have to say about that.

I had nothing to do on Monday night but it was brought to my attention by the wonderful Facebook taht Living With lions were on tour and playing Antwerp that night. Well... okay! I'll go! If you insist!

So I arrived and I was the first person there. I guess I was kinda early but then again the whole night saw like 10 to 20 people. Quite a shame, quite a bummer. I don't know why, maybe Monday blues, maybe Living With Lions isn't cool enough, maybe there was another punk rock show. Who knows.

My buds in Off The Charts opened that shit up. I think 4 people watched. Anyway, good set, you know the drill. OWTH cover. New songs. Less new songs.

Marathonmann (dubbed Maratonijnman by Armin OTC) from Germany was the support tour act for Living With Lions. Honestly, I didn't think it was gonna be any good, but they totally proved me wrong. Screamo-ish band, hints of that Title Fight sound that's so popular right now. They sing in German. They had a great time on stage and I liked it so I bought their 7". Cause why wouldn't I?

Living With Lions were really great. Apparently they used to have a frontman or even 2, I'm not sure. Anyway, now it's the guitar player singing. He did a great job. Not much to say other than that. The drummer looked like Ward from Dutch Rudders and the guitar player like Eddy from Thuis. Fun trivia. I enjoyed the show, it was a lousy turn-out and I missed the encore due to train schedules.

I also went to a party, got home a 5 pretty drunk and had to wake up at 9. Whoo!


The wolves

Rockaway Beach is blasting on Studio Brussel nobody here seems excited about that. Weird.
Anyway there's nothing to do at my internship now so I'll do a blog post. I also have to finish my preperatory sheet for my thesis but I'm not really feeling that. It's 12 o'clock so I'll guess we'll eat something soon. I'm excited to eat something.? I'm hungry.

Oh, right! Blog post! It's about this show I went to on Sunday. It was in café Paradox in Kessel-Lo. I'd never been there. It was cool. Really big. Like a pool bar but without pool tables. Just really big actually. It was hardcore night, set up by the guys in Ashes. Real cool.

First band was Tomorrow We Fight. Young dudes playing their 3rd show or something. It wasn't good. It was pretty bad actually. Tempos were off, solos were off, rhythms were off, riffs were all similar and overdone. But I don't wanna be all negative about these guys (I'm actually rarely negative about bands) cause at least they're fucking doing it. They stand there with their instruments. They wrote the songs! They butchered this Parkway Drive cover (oops!)! They are into it and are doing their best to make something of it. It wasn't all bad, either, my head was nodding sometimes and some parts were actually well-composed and really interesting. Give these guys some time and they'll "get there", wherever that is. I mean, there was one song that started with a breakdown! Gotta give them credit for that!

Second band were Dutchies called This Is History. At first the high-pitched vocals really put me off, but after a while it started to sound kinda cool. Music-wise: heavy shit. Really cool. I got really into, I did a blitz-mosh during one song. They had really cool riffage and didn't rely on clichés to get their sound across. Just raging, aggressive and creative hardcore. Need to check out.

Ashes followed. They rule. They ruuuuuuuuuule. Seriously, they're really good. They played a lot of songs and they're angry and stuff. The crowd started getting wild, ferocious even, and when they played their "hit song" Losing Track things went wack. Their demo Hold On is really good, you guys, so pick it up. There's a few copies left. Cool dudes with hearts in the right places and minds set to rage.

I went to grab pizza during Running Out. I caught bits of it and it sounded cool so I kinda regret not seeing it. Dutch band, groovy hardcore.

Violent City closed the night. Holy fuck. The place exploded. Bar-dives, stagedives, ignorant mosh. Coolness! Violent City plays kinda old school hardcore and the kids seemed top go wild for what they were doing. Great set, good times. Finally bought the new CD. About time.



Rockcafé show, agaiiiin.

I missed a couple of bands, then arrived when Countdown was playing. Such a cool bands. Vocals are absolutely terrifying (=positive!). I love the dark sound, the heavy riffs and the overall intensity of this band.

A Strength Within. Crazy. They play every show at their very best and this was no exception. Even with Tom's finger injury he still kicked the fuck out of those jams. Mike was slightly ill and his vocals were less brutal than normally, but it was still good. I'm really glad these guys are getting more and more response, they're probably the hardest working band in Belgium (like, objectively). The songs are there, the attitude is there, the performance is there. The people were there. And they danced hard. Oh, how they danced. It was a show upon which one could definitely say "hardcore lives". Oh, how it lives...

Another evidence that hardcore lives is Overthrown. All the way from Singapore on their European tour with the Strength and also No Turning Back. And they killed it. The vocalist was awesome. I remember "MOVE" being yelled like, literally a thousand times. I guess he wanted to see people dance. I understand. Dancing is fun. I remember "I DON'T KNOW THIS MIC. I DON'T KNOW THIS STAGE" which was I thought was a cool line. I remember talking about meeting people in the pit, making friends at hardcore shows. Positive attitude and cool songs. Great band, you should check 'em out. People seemed to be into it. They played a Sick of It All cover, too. I don't like Sick Of It All, though.
Anyway, super fun show, everybody was having fun, dancing or just enjoying an energetic show from 4 guys from the other side of the world.

Summer in Fucktober

Normally I would do a big blog post about last weekend, which was the Summer In October festival, aka The Greatest Festival In The World (Perhaps).
But I really can't. And that makes me sad to this very day. I've got 2 reasons for it.

REASON 1: No Saturday fun.
My parents were having a big party for their anniversary and the housewarming and I really couldn't get out of that, so I could only go on Friday. Fuck my fucking life. Minus 1000 punx points.

REASON 2: Friday night killed, well, Friday fun.
I drank too much. Or I didn't but I couldn't handle it either way. I partied to the Dutch Rudders, Maladroit and possibly the Accelerators. Then I went to see The Murderburgers and I went to the toilet (which I apparently didn't even make) to puke my fucking guts out. Apparently I spent the rest of the Murderburgers show at the back of the venue feeling bad. I don't know. I feel like a fucking idiot. I am a fucking idiot.

I missed Kristof Verwhite too because I went to bed because of that.

I woke up feeling okay and having swastikas and "JIZZ" written all over my face. Gotta love Jordi "fuckface" Ostir.

The Dutch Rudders
were great. I like them. They have good songs.
Maladroit was awesome. We played Twister in da pit. They're really good.
Accelerators must have been good. I heard they were really good. I believe that.
Fraser Murderburger played in a duck suit. I remember that.

So, I'm primarily bummed for not being able to go on Saturday and for being a total fuck-up on Friday.
I hope everyone who was there had The Greatest Time Of Their Lives and perhaps enjoyed the This Ain't Summer In October festzine I made (if you missed it, there are still some left!).

Support punk rock. This Shit Town. De Kroenkel (I'm sorry for apparently puking on your restroom door/floor/pissijn, I really am). De Lenny. The bands.


One-ball B.

Oh, menneke. Slightly last-minute, the guys from Off The Charts arranged a show for their buds Apologies, I Have None in Leuven, at the infamous Rockcafé. So, yay! There were a couple of my favourite things represented at this show: Apologies, beer, pre-show pizza, Jordi Ostir, punk dancing, de Pejer and the Off The Chaars dudes.

Because of delay there was plenty of hangout time, which is fun. Punk rock shows are a bit like elementary school. During the sets you have to pay attention to the band, between the sets you talk to friends and meet new people. Like this guy, Arthur, who I've met at the Joyce Manor show, who is a real cool dude and he told me he liked my zine so I like him. That's how I roll.
The difference with school is that school drools and punk rules. Guess you all knew that.

When Silver & Gold started, I was... amazed. I haven't seen them before but I'm totally into it. Hoarse vocals and melodic riffage. Really great show, full of energy despite just coming out of a traffic jam or something. Killer songs & riffs. Yup, I dig it. You should too!

Up next: Apologies, I Have None. 4th time seeing 'em. And you know what they say, huh. Fourth time's a charm! And it was rather charming, actually. After a quick soundcheck they started playing a song I didn't know, with a mic that was showing troubles. It got solved though, and just in time too! The next thing I new they started playing Sat In Viccy Park and everyone went nuts. I'm not fucking kidding! everyone seemed to be into it. Dancing around, moving about, pogoing, punk mosh, stagedives, crowdsurfs, and lots, lots of singalongs. Mic stands barely survived. I think nobody really expected it, neither the band nor the audience. But it happened and it was really fun. It had been a while since I left an punk rock show sweaty like a pig, so that felt pretty good and satisfying. I'm a nutcase sometimes. The entire show was top notch, the band played at what I assume was their very best. All hits, no shits. All kills, no fills. Ya know. The fucking 26, man. The 26, dude. The god damn 26.

Post-show hangouts were lotsa fun. Sometimes I wish my life was a punk rock show. Sometimes I think it is.
Got a ride home with the Dilbeek punx (real punx, pissing on cars and stuff) and walked on top of bicycles.
Great night.



You know I always enjoy a good rockcafé show. Unfortunately sometimes things overlap so I can't see everything. Yesterday was such an evening. We have the This Ain't Noise radio show between 8pm & 9pm, then we need to get the streamfile and that takes another 20/30 minutes. So I only got to Rockcafé at aroung 9:45 pm.

Darko was playing their set when I arrived. Holy shit guys. Darko is amazing. Melodic skate punk/hardcore in the vein of Strike Anywhere or None More Black. Great songs, enormous energy and a show to say "you" to (dutchism). I don't have a lot to say, but check them out and buy their stuff.

Also check out Lineout from Italy (also with a new album) and Eastwood from Ostend.

James Joyce Manor

"Kunt gij zondag werken, Karel?" - "Eh, ja, maar ik moet wel door rond 7 uur. Of 8 uur gaat ook nog." I'm glad I said that, cause otherwise I would've missed one of the coolest shows of September. I had already missed quite a lot of cool shows cecause of other priorities, but Sunday the 30th of September was clearly marked and I was resolute to attend.

So after a busy day at work I took the train to Antwerp, and I hurried to thee Kavka venue cause I figured Apologies, I Have None would have started already. And I was right, unfortunately. I walked in and I could hear them play 60 Miles I think. I don't remember which song it was but it was good. Apparently their fanbase in Europe is not that great, though I think they're doing well in Britain. Nonetheless there were quite a few people there for a Sunday night, watching the band play.
Now, I'm gonna pull the hipster card this time only because this is one of the few occasions I can, but: "I was totally into Apologies, I Have None when they were still underground." I actually saw them play a great set last year in front of 10 people or so. They only had the Joiners & Windmills/Sat In Viccy Park 7" out then, but they convinced me. I guess I'm not that good of a hipster cause they were a 2-piece band before that and a good hipster would've known about them then and stopped liking them when they became a 4-piece band.
Anyway, I saw 'em again at reading fest last month, their debut London has been out for a while now and I must say I'm a solid fan now. So, naturally, I loved their show! They have absolutely killer harmonies, kinda their trademark (I compared them to the Copyrights in the last year's blogpost, which holds true for sense of harmonizing), and also really cool melodies, contrast dynamics and overall use of song construction. Each instrument is now pretty crucial to make the songs come to live.
I guess you could argue that some of their songs sound alike, but that doesn't bother me at all and I'd like to call it coherent songwriting rather than sounding alike. Especially when you get into it more you notice these guys have great ideas and a definite view on their musical output.
'nyway, a lot of emotion and stuffz. Anthematic, big singalong parts, without the actual singalong by other people than me and a few other weirdos in the crowd. Stellar performance. (I think stellar is a good term here because they're British and that word sounds kinda British. Yes, that's how I write reviews. Gigiddy.)

Then, after they had done playing and I saw a good half or more of their set, an incinerating force from the Californian country was on the stage in the form of Joyce Manor. Not Joyce Manure. Not Joyce Major or Minor. No, they're Joyce Manor. Four guys playing their hearts out. Awesome. I was "worried" that I wouldn't know any of the new songs and they would play a lot of those, but au contraire! Almost their entire debut full length was played, and couple other, including 2 or 3 new songs (that sounded great, I didn't hesitate buying the record after the show) and a Murder City Devils cover. I lost shit during Beach Community (a very preserved form of losing shit, though this is probably my favourite song of theirs), during Constant headache (a slightly more open version of losing shit, including dancing around and jumping in Domien's back screaming words), and during motherfucking Five Beer Plan (all-out shit-losing, that song is dope! included losing shit and also singing out of tune very loudly on my part.)
On the other hand, there was a definite Sunday-atmosphere, so most people were like "OH MAN I'M NOT GONNA MOVE ARE YOU CRAZY MOVING IS SUPER DUMB I'M NOT MOVING ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME" so there wasn't a lot of animation on the crowd. Joyce Maneur (oops!) played an amazing show though, it was tight, interesting and they're just a really nice punk band. They played the right songs, had the right attitude, the right smiles, the right vibe. On of the coolest shows I've seen recently. Srsly. Joyce Manor is a real cool band, as my bud Bram told me about a year ago. I'm fucking glad I listened to him.
Always believe den Bram.



Oh, Rockcafé, how you keep me entertained in times of boredom, work, school and internship.
Last week (on Tuesday, I know, I'm slacking this blog big time) there was another punk rock show with punk rock bands playing punk rock songs on a starry punk rock night. Every night is a punk rock night.

I arrived halfway into Altitude's set. I had a date with pizza at 7 and the show supposedly started at 7:30. Of course, just this once, the Kickass dudes started their show on time, so I was a tiny bit tardy. No worries though. Altitude was cool, man! Kinda poppy but very much rocking. A bit too much blaccering in between songs, but okay. I can see that through the fingers (dutchism!). I'd like to see these guys again, which is a goal most bands try to reach with their audience, so good job on that, Altitude!
The again, they covered NOFX' Linoleum. Ok, everyone, come on. Stop doing that. Pick another song. Make things interesting. And don't do Bob either. Or True Believers, Or, god help me, Bro Hymn. No offense, but at least try to shake it up a bit.

Next band up: Off The Charts. It is no secret that I have a mancrush on these guys, so sorry that I'm biased. They started out with a new song, actually an old new song. I haven't seen them play in quite a while so I'm not so much up to date. Anyway, it was great. They seem to surpass all their previous efforts with every new song they make, which is a good thing! They played another new song as well which they dedicated to MC Karel, so that was cool. I wonder if MC Karel's popularity boomed after that night. The rest of their set was actually really tight. I've seen them play some good shows and some bad shows, this was among the good ones. I guess that counts for something? They always seem to pull through though and they're proving that they're an upcoming force to be reckoned with. Also, they did an Off With Their Heads cover - Clear The Air. See! That's a cool shoice for a cover. Not too obvious, not too convenient, yet fitting and something different.

Then it was the time for Rebuke. Swedish guys with a British drummer who drums in -I think- 90% of European skatepunk bands. The singer looked kinda like a crust viking bur he was actually really adorable when he was talking, which created a cool Scandinavian yuxtaposition. They're a cool band and put on a great show and all, but the music doesn't really cling or linger with me. It's there to enjoy, but it's gone the next second. I guess it's not so much my thing. Doesn't mean I won't go next time, and also doesn't mean I didn't buy the new EP en 7". Because I will and I did. I'm a sucker for poor bands.

So, get this. After the show we were all hanging out, and my friend was texting me saying I should go to this party. And I kinda sorta said I would so I felt obligated so I left the Rockcafé and it's hangout crew, among which the Dilbeek connection, a little early. Now, funny thing happened. First of all the party was pretty damn boring. Second of all I don't go to parties. Third of all I had to get up early the next morning. So I went home at about 00:45. And guess who passed by at the exact moment I got out on the street, away from the party? Yes, why, of course, the Dilbeek dudes. They apparently were driving around yelling at students. Which I thought was hella funny. So in a quick turn of events I was in the car with them, driving around the block, yelling at stupid students (whoa, great alliteration I made there!). That was odd, but a lot of fun. To top it off, they drove past and dropped me off at my dorm, so i didn't have to walk home. Man, these guys. These guys.