Institutionalized Misogyny

Just a quick post for this awesome song, mainly for the lyrics 'cause they deal with what I'm studying about kind of. Truth is, I don't fully understand it.

It is "Institutionalized Misogyny" (which basically means "constituted hatred for women" or something) by MTX/The Mr. T Experience, off of Yesterday Rules.
I'm not complaining, I'm just figuring out how everything left us behind.
I got my problems, I'm aware of them. I'll take care of them, never you mind!

You're still repeating pre-recorded things they used to say in universities and books on left wing politics and law
about underlying structures that so far as they mean anything still won't support the personal connections that you draw.

Institutionalized misogyny:
that's all that stands between my baby and me.

Now science tells us I'm hard-wired to, I'm required to do it with you.
'Cause I'm a man, and you're a woman and that's what those kind of people do.

I stole that line from Woody Allen, isn't it amusing? I wish I could make you understand what Woody Allen meant.
If there's no such thing as objective reality why can't we quit our jobs and just imagine we won't have to pay the rent?

Institutionalized misogyny:
that's why they're charging rent to my baby and me.

Michelle, ma belle: ton beau, Michel Foucault.
A Foucault dependent's always ready to go.
I think we're alone. I might have known:
She's got Chomsky on the phone.

Institutionalized misogyny:
that's all that stands between my baby and me.
My baby and me.
My baby and me.
Download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?lh6nplb7vrkqb5b

If you have any clue what exactly Dr. Frank is saying, please let me know.

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