Oh them, oh their

Basically, everyone who has read this blog once should know who Parry Gripp is. He is obviously the Greatest Creator of Songs on Earth. But something I did not yet discuss is the band Nerf Herder, a punk rock band with Parry singing and playing guitar, Steve Sherlock drumming and a whole lot of present/past members playing bass or guitar.
So, yeah, let's get them in the spotlight, with nothing less than there last album, cleverly entitled IV.

Oglio Records, 2008

1. Oh Me, Oh My
2. Golfshirt Part 2
3. High School Reunion
4. WTC #7
5. Dianalee
6. Crocodile
7. (Stand By Your) Manatee
8. Garage Sale
9. Led Zeppelin Rules
10. Dance
11. I'm Not A Loser
12. The Backpack Song

Alright, check this out! IV is Nerf Herder's fourth album (didn't see that coming, did you?). They play geek rock or nerd rock or somethink like that apparently. Simply put: great rocking music! Call it pop punk, punk rock, rock or a science fiction-inspired west coast rock'n'roll punk pop disco, I don't think anyone cares about that anymore.
One thing people still care about, though, is the actual music, and on this album Nerf Herder have upgraded their game. Their songs are catchier, more melodic, funnier and sound even more similar to their other songs! Well, of course there's a guitar/keyboard melody in the intro, then the undeniable Parry vocals, an instrumental stop into the chorus, an explosive chorus with a repeated phrase and the occasional 'only drums and bass' verse, all of that supported by witty lyrics and a spoken word section every now and then.
This may seem slightly cynical, but all these things (that have become pretty predictable) are all the things that I so dearly love about Nerf Herder. Just pressing the play button for this cd already excites me. Voila, first thing you hear is an awesome melody, followed by an ironic ska-ish verse (cfr. "Don't listen to… ska." in track 9), and an irresistably chant in the chorus. And the songs keep coming, Golfshirt Part 2 is way cooler than part 1, High School Reunion hangs on longer than High School and Dianalee sounds more powerful than Diana, although those songs are all top-notch as well. Nerf Herder essentially try to impress the listener with - wait, let me rephrase that. Nerf Herder essentially try to have a great time. Their music is fun, generally simple, and the lyrics are smart and original. I mean, on what other album are you gonna find a love song involving manatees and a song about "stupid-ass backpack copying freak[s]"? This is nothing usual, this is pure, genuine, heartfelt stuff. Poésie pure, as the French would say.
So, to sum up, Nerf Herder released this album way too long ago and should do something new. Because obviously, their music doesn't change, but they do get better with every album. So that should mean V (assumed title) shouldblow people's minds off. If IV didn't already.

Seriously though,
Don't listen to punk.


Don't ever kid yourself.

Today, I put Television City Dream by Screeching Weasel in my discman to take the train home. It had been a long time since I had heard that record. It's probably Weasel's best output. What a great album.
There's this song on it, it's the second track on the album, and it's called Speed Of Mutation.
I used to listen to that song a lot (like, A LOT) around the time I finished high school. It meant something to me back then. You know, "don't question speed of mutation". The transition and change from high school regular to college n00b happened fast. That's one thing. The other thing is that I can really relate to the rest of the lyrics. I will post them here because they are fucking awesome.
It only seems to happen at 3 or 4 AM
Some blurry half formed picture of some half forgotten friend
becomes clear, but I can't hold it. It happens in my dreams.
I can't remember what it was that meant so much.

Don't question speed of mutation.

Even a rotten creep can have moments sweet and pure.
I lay there, something missing. What happened to that girl?
Is she okay or is she just a face in the crowd?
Why can't I think of what it was that mean so much?

Don't question speed of mutation.

Why do I wake up feeling that I've lost something big?
Why do I try to hold on to things that don't exist?
I keep on asking myself: what happened to that girl?
They're moments that I make up.
They're moments, sweet and pure.

Don't ever try to find something you left behind.
Don't ever try to make a memory into something.
Don't ever fool yourself, it always disappears.
Don't ever kid yourself, there's no girl of your dreams.

Don't question speed of mutation.
Basically, this song makes more sense now than it has ever done. I'm not going into details because that's not what this blog is about.

I wanted to post this song because it's one of those songs that make me cringe and scream along desperately. I thought it'd be interesting to list some songs that aren't all happy-go-lucky like pop music usually is. So yeah… I also made a mixtape out of it, while I'm at it.

Songs that make me cringe when I'm sober and make me cry when I'm drunk.
1. Screeching Weasel - Speed Of Mutation
See above. "Don't ever kid yourself, there's no girl of your dreams." reminds me of the truth every fucking time. God I'm lonely.
2. Jawbreaker - Want
First song on the first album from one of the most prominent 90s emo bands. This is real, brother. "It may sound absurd…"
3. Banner Pilot - Milemarking
Not entirely sure on what it's about, but it's great and it does the trick. "If I could just stay awake!"
4. Alkaline Trio - Radio
This meant a lot to me when my heart got broken. "I've got a big fat fucking bone to pick with you, my darling."
5. The Manges - Don't Tell Anyone
"I'm afraid I never will have the guts to tell her I feel like this. But I feel like this". Story of my life. I like repeated ending phrases. I don't mind no Italian accent.
6. Brand New - Soco Amaretto Lime
I'm becoming 20 this year. Fuck that. "We'll never miss a party cause we keep them going constantly."
7. Defiance, Ohio - Road Signs Always Look Better Looking Over Your Shoulder
I'd like to go away sometimes. A lot of times. "To run away is victory, a tank of gas is freedom and a starry night and open road is hope." Fuck yeah.
8. The Get Up Kids - I'll Catch You
The first notes already get me. Please, don't even sing, it'll destroy me. "Don't worry, I'll catch you."
9. Tigers Jaw - Never Saw It Coming
Must have listened to this song a billion times. "I learned a lot about falling in love when I fell out of love." So true. So true.
10. Touché Amoré - Suckerfish
God damnit. They were amazing live. "When I'm at my worst, comes someone who I don't deserve."
11. The Ergs! - Every Romance Language
This may sound really cool, and it does, but it is just another fuck you. "You're not here, I'm not sober, it's not 1998."
12. Team Stray - Forget You
Turn the volume up high and sing along. Not difficult, but to the point. "I still can't forget you now that you're gone."
13. The Ataris - Song #13
"END IS FOREVER." More angry than the previous songs. But less angry than the following ones. The album should've ended with this, not "Hello And Goodbye"
14. Modern Life Is War - First And Ellen
Goddamn. "Have you ever felt like you've wasted your life searching for something that you can't find?" What a throat. "Kill the doubt inside your head. We overcome, we push ahead."
15. Killing The Dream - Thirty Four Seconds
This makes me destroy stuff. "Every word I wrote for you." FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.
16. The Carrier - Memoirs
Epic. Gives shivers. "You're all I'll ever know." Fuck it dude, I'm sobbing away.
17. American Nightmare - Farewell
That's it. I'm done. I'm gonna drink more beer and cry. "Faster words and faster kids, faster songs and faster ends."

Voila. Download it. If you want to.


The Hayderooches

So, yeah, the Heideroosjes haven't played in 1,5 years, and then, suddenly, yesterday, they played in Essen, a town 10 miles from my home. I actually would have gone to Vogue, Social Circkle and Bite Down in den Eglantier but for this gig I had the company of my bandmates and of course, it was a lot closer. So, that made the decision. And it's been a logn time since I've seen the Heideroosjes.

The opening 'band' was Aux Raus. They consisted of 2 guitar players, a crazy-ass singer and a drumming/programming machine. At first I was like: wow, this is pretty awesome. Then I thought: What the fuck is this? And then again: Yeah, that's cool! But also: This sucks. Their 'thing' is to mix happy hardcore with punk hardcore, and they've actually succeeded in bringing these opposites together. But nonetheless, it is a very acquired taste. I had no idea whether to 'hak' or to headbang. I seriously had no idea whether to like it or dislike it. All I knew was that the guitar players were pretty kick-ass, weren't mixed right and should probably start a real band. I love real bands.
I did enjoy this, but not alllllllways for the right reasons.

Then the Heideroosjes took the stage. My friend's a big fan of them, I'm just a big fan of everything punk rock so I was kinda excited, but I didn't expect all too much. But, au contraire, they pulled off one hell of a show.
The singer looks like Toby from H2O nowadays, the bass player was fucked up as fuck, the drummer seemed pretty stoned and the guitar player was alright actually. The first thing that's weird -for me, personally- is that they played more than an hour and I didn't get bored. Partly because I had fun company and a couple of beers, but also partly because their set was pretty rocking! It's hard to imagine a punk rock show longer than 40 minutes or something, but they still exist. The Heideroosjes pulled it off to get the crowd dancing, singing along, all those thing that are done at shows.
Well, yeah, they had a great setlist. All of the classics, some new songs and a couple old ones that they hadn't played in a while. Also, as their 3rd song or something, they covered 'Don't Drag Me Down' by Social Distortion. Surprisingly and sadly, I seemed to be the only person singing along to this. Surprisingly and sadly as well (for me, that is), it was one of the only songs I knew all the words to. I know my Heideroosjes classic songs like Iedereen Is Gek (Behalve Jij) and I'm Not Deaf (I'm Just Ignoring You) among others, but many songs were pretty unknown to me. Either way, I partied a lot, showed the Rex venue how to punkdance and I crowdsurfed on their second-to-last track, which was an acoustic one. Basically, I, and another guy as well, got lifted during this sentimental song. It was weird but a great laugh!
Soooo, the show was a lot a fun. A lot of dancing, great music, the mistakes were limited and/or corrected fast and the energy was flowing off of the stage. They may be older, but they still got the feeling. They even covered Black Eyed Peas' big hit 'I Gotta Feeling', which was pretty awesome to hear. Despite the fact they hadn't played in a while, are growing old and so on, this show was above my expectations. Fun, like it should be.

I'm also still surprised when I find out punx still exist. Are mohawks still allowed in modern-day society?  Is that really necessary?


Punk rock time go!

The Sojo on a Thursday night in May. It's the place to be. Especially when yet another great show takes place. Great bands, great hangouts, all that jazz. Gets you excited again.

First up was State Of Mine, playing a rocking show. Yeah, it was pretty tight, energetic and fun to watch. A line-up mix-up didn't affect the show. Not a fan of the vocals, but I'm getting into it. Fast, melodic, technical. Those are terms to describe skatepunk. They're the exact same terms to describe State Of Mine's show(s). Maybe next time I'll dance, who knows!
They released their debut cd earlier this year (at the same venue). Check it out!

The next band was a Gainesvillian band. You don't even need to know that to guess right: Spanish Gamble have beards, look cool and play punk rock not unlike Hot Water Music. Their live show was fun! I recognized some songs, sang along timidly and nodded my head frequently. I'm definitely into this kind of bands. A cool vibe, and cool songs with cool group vocals and shit like that. Hooray!

The last band was Atlas Losing Grip. Being Swedish is almost a guarantee to make great melodic punk rock. I'd like to refer to the same above-mentioned terms. Great show, once again great energy and I danced a bit this time. Well, by that time I was slightly drunk and really wanted to punkdance, so I tried a bit. Anyway, Atlas Losing Grip was really good, they have Rodrigo Surfers on vocals now so that's pretty cool. The 90's returned to the Sojo last night. Great songwriting, great band, buy their new album.

So, great hangouts, great bands, great beers, all that punkrock.


Then Egglantjer

Well, well, well. There was this show, set up by Antwerp punk rockers the Fuck Ups, which had changed its location a couple of times and ended up being in Antwerp Berchem, den Eglantier, one of the venues in Antwerp that is pretty easy to reach for me. Mainly, it was a show in order to give Cigarette Crossfire a place to play but the Fuck Ups played themselves and originally Bite Down would too - but they cancelled and got replaced by the Dutch Rudders.

Now, I'm a fan of the Dutch Rudders. Well, yeah, I like their songs. Tonight they didn't play extraordinarily well, in fact they fucked up some times, but their songs are cool. The songs are about women or porno, so nothing to worry about. Not too simple, not too complex either. It is catchy, that's right! Besides Hope, this time they played an additional Descendens cover on top of 'Hope', specifically 'All!'. Great! They may not have performed that great, I still dig these guys' style. The Belgian mssing link between The Priceduifkes and Sunpower. They're fast.

The Zele guys brought a fun hand-shaped dildo-like sex toy to play with, so yeah, that's what happened next.

Next up was Cigarette Crossfire, a Finnish band on tour. I chatted with the guitarist a bit before so I was bound to see them, and they were pretty cool. Real punk rock, doing their own thing, rocking the unusual vocals like every Scandinavian band does, but playing pretty technically composed punk rock, powerful at the smae time! Pretty awesome! I wasn't necessarily digging the vocals but I bought their 7" anyway and you should too! Do it!
They know a lot about music and pass that knowledge through speech and through music.

Train schedules and one-hour delays were the reason I didn't get to see the Fuck Ups themselves, although I was quite looking forward to it. I'll keep that for another time.


I'm a bit shitfaced.


Steak Number x

With x equals 8. Steak Number Eight is a Belgian band. They're young guys who won Humo's prestigious Rock Rally a couple of years ago. Now they have released upon us their second album: All Is Chaos.
Pretty significant title.

The Depot in Leuven (the temporary Depot) was the host for these guys tonight. 11 euros for only one band, one I don't know all that well, isn't cheap, but hey, I had fun so what does money matter? After a long-ass intro the band came on stage. Then, surprisingly, they waited another few minutes until they started playing for real. And when they started, it didn't come off as powerful, or enchanting, or fascinating at all. In fact, it started off pretty boring. But after another few minutes the wall of sound built itself and the four youngsters were ready to capture the venue with their atmospheric post-doom-stomer-rock-core. Yeah, you get the picture. Slow, pounding guitars and bass, crushing and pretty tight drumming. Sometimes a voice came through: primitive growls which were a bit too loud to my liking and overpowering actually, but nonetheless spot-on screaming. For an hour they played various songs, all sounding pretty much alike, but I thought everything was great so I didn't mind. Except for a continuous head-associated up-and-down movement the performance didn't show much excitement, but the power and intensity was definitely there. At two times, the singer would climb something and jump off it. Cool. The audience was all impressed, I think. Either that, or it was the exact opposite.
Well, I enjoyed it, I had a good laugh when it became apparent their encore was a 10-minute song and the spun out ending (and intro) gave the show an edge it needed. I'm not one to watch hour-long shows, but this was alright. I headbanged. A lot.

So yeah, cool guys. I don't think anyone in the audience was younger than the guys on stage, so that must've felt pretty awesome. They deserve the attention, they're doing their own thing. And if that isn't your thing, that's alright.


Parry Turnipp

I just wanna say a few quick words on the new song of the week (for May 13) by Nerf Herder's Parry Gripp.
It's called I Like Vegetables and it's his best song since Ultimate Frisbee. This song is seriously awesome, full of clever rhymes, intelligent metaphors and a genuine love for vegetables. Great use of the stoccato chorus, awesome breakdown.
Just imagine this being played at any party. The place will be torn apart. I'd dance so hard.

The lyrics:
Fancy cars, you can't sell to me!
I spend all of my money on celery!
Guarantee, there's no stopping me
when the plate I see contains a broccoli!
Like I told you before: I'm hardcore!
All the food that I score goes in the vegetable drawer!
Some people bring soda to your house and share it,
but the party don't start til I show up with my carrot!

Call Dr. Phil and warn Oprah,
I'm gonna eat up all of the okra!
I'm notorious, I'm nefarious,
I don't spare one spear of asparagus!
You think you're tough, you think you're hard?
I'm gonna eat the chard right out your yard!
My enemies cower when they feel the power
that I gain when I devour a cauliflower!

I-I-III-I-I-I-III-III-IIIIII I like vegetables!
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I I like vegetables!
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I I like vegetables!
(I could eat a billion turnips!)
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I I like vegetables!

Let me hear you shout, let me hear you shout!
I'm gonna get crazy on a Brussel sprout!
We gonna get crazy on a Brussel sprout!
We gonna get crazy on a Brussel sprout!

I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I I like vegetables!
(You gotta rock that cabbage!)
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I I like vegetables!
(Come on! I like vegetables.)
I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I I like vegetables!

Hope for the music scene

Oh dear God. Mixtapes have yet again released an extended play record. Available on 7", cd and mp3 via Animal Style records and their bandcamp.

Label: Animal Style Records
Year: 2011
1) Taking A Year Off
2) Hope Is For People
3) You'd Better Bring More Dudes
4) Where I Live
5) The New Ride The Lightning
(Bonus: Where I Live (acoustic))

Well, I expected great stuff. The track that got released in advance was the title track Hope Is For People. At first I was like: cool. :) Then I was like: awesome! :D It's probably one of their longest songs (well, they do repeat the last chorus 2 times and just do handclaps for 15 seconds) but holds as steady and sounds as tight as ever. Lyrically, the same: anti-sociality and love for music. The chorus is pretty damn spot-on, semantically speaking. Good stuff.
After preordering it, I got a mail with the typical 'record delay' deal, so I was privileged to download the record from the Internets. And well, the repeat button has done its work today.
Taking A Year Off is a blast of pop punk gunfire. Classic dual vocals, lyrical themes and musical balance. Drums are really really tight, melodies are fun as hell, bass gets through just right and Ryan's and Maura's vocals neither are overrepresented nor underrepresented. Overall, this EP is mainly electric stuff, but it gets combined with acoustic parts, mostly at the beginning of the songs. It doesn't always sound natural, but it does give the best of two worlds.
You'd Better Bring More Dudes is exactly half and half. Great song, good vibes, but nothing extraordinary.
Where I Live, however, is a god damn jam! Catchy as fuck, simplistic but powerful chorus with bland whoa's. The backing 'whooooooooaaaaaaaaaooooooooaaaaa' in the second verse is absolutely stunning, though. I'm mostly diggin Maura's parts in this song, in particular her above-mentioned backing vocals and the bridge part. Her vocal range gets full option and she sounds pretty sexy. (Yeah, I'm totally in love with her.) This is an interesting song because it shows they're still working hard to put out quality songs with something new once in a while.
Finally, after The Real Hotel California, Mixtapes come with The New Ride The Lightning. It's fast and melodic, so it's good. I don't know what Metallica would think of this.
Done. Well, the acoustic version of Where I Live is pretty awesome as well. At least they don't put it on another single like Against Me! would do.

If this EP is any indication on the evolution of their sound, I'm guessing their going in a faster and more electric direction. I can't complain. I won't complain either if I'm completely wrong. Just letting these guys (and gal) play around on their instruments is enough to make me happy. Even if they play rap music.


We need to get out of these boxes.

ALRIGHT! So I'm soberizing a bit after I got back from a show in the 'farmer's hole' (Dutchism!) of Groot-Bijgaarden, close to Brussels. JK de Paddestoel is holding a benefit week, and I decided to contribute. By drinking beer. And checking out bands. 3 bands were playing, I only managed to see 2 of them. I also scored one free Cara Pils. Talk about one hell of a show.

Off The Charts, famous from their entry in the This Ain't Noise fanzine #1, performed, so I finally took the opportunity to check this out in real life. They started playing some instrumental song, and went straight into the Myspace/Facebook hit Dark Shades. Not bad. Really: not bad. I'd even say: good. I'm thinking Latterman, O Pioneers!!!, Osker - a pretty 'No Idea Records' sound, so to speak. Basically, it's powerful (though it needs some tightening up) and melodic. I'm really digging the guitar parts. They play pretty complicated music for being a punk rock band. Good show! Contrastive as well as harmonic vocals take turns, drums and bass get the shizzle going and the result is a pretty good punk rock band. Demo coming out this summer! Check iiiiit! "Empty hearts are made from empty bottles."
Needs some tightening up, maybe.

Millions Of Them was pretty unknown to me, but I had heard terms as mathcore and such things, so I was pretty curious. Turns out they're half metalheads, half hardcoredudes, and that equals into an experimental hopscotch of shrieking guitar riffs (ZING SHSHSHSH WEIRD CHORD), hard and fast bass parts (DUN DUN DUN DUN) and technical drumming (BAM TCHING KADANG TSHHH). This musical madness is accompanied by a guy screaming his lungs out from time to time and getting rather passionate about his music. It's cool when you can see that bands are into what they do. I don't want to see machines. I want to see musicians. I got to see musicians.
Thank God for musicians!

I missed out on Musth. Quite a shame!

I finished my Cara Pils and headed to the station. I got on the train and listened to Idle Will Kill by Osker. I had a wagon to myself so I sang out loud to the songs. More people should listen to Idle Will Kill.


The Party Program

Friday nights are always good nights. This weekend was no different. Show time.
De Sojo (Leuven) showcased 3 bands, all quite different. Actually, it was a pretty weird line-up. A Canadian band on tour opened the night, a supposedly legendary-ish Belgian hardcore band did their thing and the headliner was a tribute-band. Turned out to be a lot of fun.

The Evidence were on tour in Europe, for 5-6 weeks I think. They're from Calgary, Canada. I had never heard of them. Maybe they're bigger in their homeland, I don't know. Anyway, pretty cool band. Poppy punk rock. A singing drummer who used like 9 cymbals, a Mikey Erg-lookalike guitarist who liked the Yum Yums and a tall bass player who was pretty cool and really happy. They played for 3 guys "and a horse head". They performed a pretty good live show, although sometimes it sounded a bit flat, monotonous. At other times I was really into it. Especially the last song (Damn That River) and the accompanying instrumental outro appealed to me. Yeah, fun show to watch overall. They're nice guys and a cool band, but they did have too much t-shirt designs for their own good, haha. Well, maybe they're big in Canada. Worth checking out, but they don't necesarily stand out.

Rain apparently is an Antwerp hardcore band who haven't been very active since the nineties, I guess. During the show I was thinking they sounded like the missing link between Amen Ra (slow and intense) and Midnight Souls (mid-paced and intense), and after the show someone mentioned the exact same thing with the same bands, so I guess that's what they sound like. Not a bad thing to sound like! Dark and emotional. They did a lot of effort to make it a memorable show, and gave it all on stage. I like my hardcore a tad faster, but I can dig this. I'm into the whole gloomy atmosphere, breath-taking explosions of music and "fuck!" lyrics. Head-nodding assured! Awesome drumming as well.

Then, the (temporary) band I was really excited about: a Refused "The Shape Of Punk To Come" tribute band, which goes by the name of Refused Party Program. Musicians from different band-backgrounds team up to play the classic Swedish hardcore/punk album that changed the world (yeah, well…) in its entirity. "They told me that the classics never go out of style, but they do. They do." Got the show going, includiong the samples, electronic bits, and most importantly, the actual songs. The show was pretty spot on, tight playing, no mucking about. The Deadly Rhythm was pretty kick-ass to witness live, as it is in fact a deadly rhythm. Dancing, singing. it took a while to get the crowd going.
In fact, it took exactly 5 songs, when New Noise kicked in. Obviously the best known song by Refused and perhaps the most prolific for the record. "We lack the motion to move to the new beat." Crowd interaction at full level. As Refused themselves aren't around anymore, this was basically the next best thing. A pretty brilliant idea to play this album, and despite its complexity, the Refused Party Program were able to pull it off really well. Tannhäuser/Derivè gave me goode bumps. The composition, the climax, the genius of the whole song(s) just transfered really well. "So where do we go from here? Just about anywhere." The last song is the odd one out on The Shape Of Punk To Come from a crowd persepective, but was cool nonetheless. They finished the set with Rather Be Dead as an encore, for the old school kids.
They'll only do 10-15 shows, so it's advisable to check it out. Personally I'd like to see it again, my expectations were fulfilled, and I had a great time watching this absolute classic played live.


The band, not the movie.

Lately I've been really into Grown Ups. I think they're fairly popular with the hardcore kids, with a sound similar to Daylight, Tigers Jaw and the likes.

They are about to release their 3rd record I think, called "Handholder". This is a strange title, considering their first 2 outputs were called "Songs" and "More Songs" - adequate enough though. But I have no worries, they've been consistently good throughout their entire catalog of songs, I'm sure the next few songs will turn out fine.

So, Grown Ups is an emo band I guess. The good kind of emo. They combine punk rock, emo/screamo, indie pop and hardcore into a powerful yet delightful unity of songs. (Notice how I use the word 'songs' too much.) Easily recognizable by their guitar jingles, light as a feather, contrasted (or complemented?) by the husky, nearly-screamed vocals and supported by balanced bass and drum parts. There's dance parts, singalong parts, yeah-parts, anthematic parts, silent parts, emotional parts. There's little distinction between verse and chorus and those things, but what's left is well-composed works of art, 'songs' if you will.

I strongly suggest you check it out if you're into music with deep passion but pretty melodies. It's a combination I haven't heard a lot, it's pretty cool to hear something different once in a while. So yeah…

I'm scared of change, what scares me worse is that you'll go and do it first.