I like this place, I like the chords even better.


Support was handled by the motherfuckers of Break Of Day, who actually did the support for HWM last year as well! Does this mean they are super good? Well, yeah probably. I actually missed them last year, so this time I was eager to see them. the show started of loud and good. You could probably call this melodic hardcore but I don't think you want to. The big deal about Break Of Day is that Teun is probably one of Belgium's best singers. The other deal is that they're just a real cool band. Cool songs, not overcomplicated but not boring by far. Great guitar melodies, solid rhythmic back-up. This time though, sometimes they were dragging a bit. I'm just saying.
Enjoyed the show, and overall the fast songs are better I think. Fast songs are almost always better.

The night went on and suddenly Make Do And Mend were on stage. It was their first European tour so I hope we gave them a warm welcome. They played a kick-ass set, with Transparent Seas being the best song they ever wrote and probably the best song any band ever wrote. I think, at least. Seriously though, they have a heap of great songs and they played a good part of that heap. It's funny though, cause at times they would start to play a song and I would think to myself "isn't this a Hot Water Music song?" and it never was of course. It's funny because they sound really similar, also vocally. It's not really funny, moreso "noticeable", actually. It's noticeable, you know.
Anyway, this band kicks arse, buy their album End Measured Mile, their other album Bodies Of Water, try to find We're All Just Living and score the split with Touché Amoré (of which, by the way, the played Cobwebs, awesome song).
Just hide your heart, go back to sleep.

Then, this band called Hot Water Music were supposed to play. They've been one of my favourite bands since a few years now (maybe 5 or so), so I was pretty psyched up (and had been for the past week or so, for that matter). So I waited. Now, they're the kind of band that's big enough to have roadies and intro music so they just have to get on stage when the time is there. And when the time was there, they started playing Remedy and people were like "OH YEAH". They played more songs and people kept being like that. Sometimes a bit less. Overall a good set, but the newer and slower songs kinda held the drive back, which held the crowd back in its turn. Nevertheless a lot of classics to which people went nuts, and hey, the "slower" songs aren't, like, bad or anything! Good stuff. Also cool that they picked up some of the songs suggested by the audience, like Free Radio Gainesville, At The End Of A Gun and It's Hard To Know. On the other hand, they ended up not playin the Boucing Souls' True Believers, a cover that would have been cool to hear again.
As for the band's performance, I had the impression Chuck was in shape, and was really getting into it. Chris looked way more drunk and was just jamming his ass off. Still sounded great, and it looked cool cause he was so chill. As a bassist, I admire Jason's skills, he makes it seem so simple. And as a lover of music, I think George drummed the place apart. Damn. Also, George appears to be the only one left with a beard. I'm just saying.
They played some xON COREx songs and after that, the show was done. that's how it goes.
Live your heart and never follow.

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