Sleeping Lessons/Black Art

I just found out about these 2 bands. One is called Sleeping Lessons and the other is Black Art. They're from the UK. The United Kingdom. Amazing country,

Anyway, they're coming on tour in Europe this summer, so that's really cool!
But they need some dates filled, so I'm gonna try and help out by helping them get dates. (I don't mean "get dates" as in "romantic dates", cause I hope they can handle their lady-biz themselves!)
You can listen to Sleeping Lessons brand new EP here: Cellar Door EP
Great hardcore/screamo not unlike Brand New or La Dispute! It's melodic, it's got integrity, it's experimental in a way and you'll be sorry if you sleep on it!
Black Art's EP is also on the web, right here: Dashed Hopes And Broken Fingers
They got a groovy The Bronx-ish kinda sound, really punk and really cool! Check it.

They tour together  from the 9th of August 2013 until the 17th of August 2013 in mainland Europe, so if you're like "yeah, these guys are the beez neez and I so wanna book them", now's your chance! I've heard all dates are pretty much open to anywhere, except the 14th, which is booked, and the 9th, which is preferred in the North-East region.
Get in touch with takecarebooking@live.com for more details on the package!

Sleeping Lessons

Black Art

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