The silence before the storm

Aalst/Oilsjt is in full preparation of the only thing they take pride in: acting like nutjobs and partying for a week for Carnaval. I went to take a look yesterday and everything was quiet. Everyone was saving their efforts for just another week.

Place of Sunday's festivities was Cirque Mystic, a "fuifzaal" turned to a decent venue. Apparently it used to be used for electro/techno/whatevz parties and now, the new owner's want to have shows there too. Rock'n'Load booked this one, great guys.

First uppety-up were The Adjectives. I've never seen this band play a seamless set. When I see themn they always seem to bust their strings or have technical trouble. But other than that, I really like what these guys are doing. They played a lot of songs from their debut record BAM!, and a couple other songs, like Building Utopia, a new song that I think is better than the entire mentioned record (and that they dedicated to me, golly!), a cover of Blink's Dammit and a cover of the Copyrights' Worn Out Passport, which was good, but, you know, it's kinda hard to copy the Copyrights (no pun intended). Fun show, their on-stage banter balances between funny shit and unintentionally funny shit. Cool songs. They were pretty tight. Vocals aren't the best but they're okay, and I like the dual vocals. Sander pretty much just yells most of the time and gets away with it. Props to that!

I know you want to get the crowd going. I know you want people to dance and sing. I know every punk show should be a party. And I sure as hell know that an easy route to that point is by playing a cover. But, man, most of them get old so fast. And sometimes it gets annoying when there's two bands playing the same worn out cover at the same show. So I present you the following:
non-exhaustive but exemplary list of covers I'm tired of hearing at punk shows
- True Believers by The Bouncing Souls
- Blitzkrieg Bop by Ramones
- Dammit by Blink-182
- Hybrid Moments by Misfits
- Linoleum by NOFX
- ...
Doesn't mean I'm not gonna enjoy those covers, but yeah. Change it up, maybe...

Anyway, Off The Charts played a good set full of really good songs, Lotsa new shabizzle and those sounded really good, so I'm rightfully excited for them to record an album. Nicolas' en Kim's vocals were pretty  much spot-on, and they played really tight. Headbang-worthy. Great as usual, don't know what to say more...

Sweet Empire played a solid show, it was their last on their tour. Dutch guys with a punk rock schwung, who had a lot of energy for a Sunday night and played a great show! As an encore they covered Fugazi's Waiting Room. They sounded really fun, melodic, and just plain nice.

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