oi oi oi

Hardcore punk night at den Eglantier, Berchem. I'm stoked.

We arrived on time, lots of people already showed up and by the end of the night the place was pretty stacked so that was really nice to see.

The first band was Bite Down, power violence from around Antwerp. They'd been away for a while but now they're back, so that's good I guess. Fast shit. Fast shit all night.

VVOVNDS was next, in my opinion the coolest band of the night. Kinda reminded me of Hessian, and the fact I wanna see Hessian sometime again. VVOVNDS is a really good band, they have good riffs and good songs and the whole 'cult'-thing going on. Exciting stuff, definitely wanna see them again.

It was my first time seeing Cheap Drugs as well, and they were real good. Post-Vogue band, fast hardcore punk. Really cool. They played some cover songs at the end, can't remember which ones. I think some oi songs? Possibly.

Toxic Shock closed the night. Crossover music, new song sounded promising. Crazy dudes. Cool band.
Their bassist lost his glasses on the floor during Cheap Drugs and he gave me a beer because I found them. He's a rad guy.

We had to go during their set in order to catch a train home, too bad.

Another night, another show.

Also, check out Quiet Days.

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