Carta, forbice, sasso!

Last Thursday, Jare did his birthday show. It featured punk rock of a really high plank and hangouts of a plank with a similar height. I had temporary tattoos of Jare's face made so at the end of the night a dozen of people had a Jare-face "tattooed" on their bods. It was great.
I still have mine, as well, it looks rad.

But what matters is the music! (As I've heard.)
Black Sheep opened the night and they were really great! I really like them! I didn't buy shit cause they were gone when i decided I should do that, but hopefully I'll see them again sometime soon! Punk rock/hardcore alla Dangers, A Wilhelm Scream and Daggermouth of something. Fun! They're from Wallonia I think, and I generally don't hear much about Wallonian hardcore/punk but I'm glad other people do and put them on shows I go to.

Second up was Progress! Back in full force after a break of a couple of years. They played well! Not so into their stuff, it's alright but it's too "all-over-the-place" for me. IMHO*. But I do remember dancing a bit, so maybe they played some groooooovy tunes that thoroughly I enjoyed as well. Needless to say it was my intention to get mad D that night, so I don't remember exactly how everything went. (D is for drunk, by the way, you sick bastard.)

Also, Jare gave away a keg of beer, so (a lot of) free beer for the punx! Great way to spend the night! One of the reasons I love Jare so much. Although he's so fucking fat these days. It's ridiculous. Fucking disgusting. Blergh.

1000 Degrees were Italians that played really technical skate-punk. Like, really technical. It was cool I guess. They were super funny. They made their stereotypes themselves, so we didn't have to (Mario-references etc.). Also after the show for some reason I started playing rock-paper-scissors with those guys, which is carta-forbice-sasso in Italian. It was super fun, they were super fun. Oh, yeah, and the show was fun too! Music! Yeah!

After the Rock Café afterparty we went to party in Café Allee, which was fun. We danced and made jokes and laughed and everything was really cool and Jare even came in again for like one minute.
But after a while I guess I went into my "fuck I'm drunk I need to go home NOW"-mood and I went home.
I then made a pizza and dropped it top-side on the floor. I scraped the toppings of the floor and ate it anyway. Pizza punx.

*You know how I don't like to say that a band "isn't good" (like, as a fact). Here's a comic that illustrates why:
Go to feelafraid.com and spend your nights there, please.

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