ik hou ni van metal

Tuesday night was a Rock Café night. It was a hardcore night.

It started like every night. With a beer. It ended like every night. Kinda drunk.

Upon arriving, it was pretty cool to see lotsa people were already there! And with lots, I mean like 10, but it was 7pm, so that was pretty cool!

First band was Two Minutes Hate, and despite their horrible choice for a band name, they were actually pretty good! Kinda standard hardcore, I think maybe NYHC kinda stuff? Not sure. Chugging riffs with some groove. Makes your head move. Mid-paced stuff with some fast parts. Vocals were tremendous. Really cool, really surprising and pretty much spot-on! Socio-political lyrics, I remember something like "a policy like yours we've seen before, I believe back then it was called World War".  Some cool instrumental parts, not really anything overwhelming but it was definitely aight. Just good songs, y'all. Oh, and they played an Blacklisted cover, which is definitely super cool! Also another cover that I was supposed to know, but I didn't. I guessed Sick of It All

Second band was The Redundancy Department. They started out all heavy and tough and that's when I knew I wasn't gonna be into this. And I wasn't. They had some cool parts but the "ehhhhh"-parts overruled the "ohhhhh"-parts. Pretty heavy stuff. Outtacontrol moshing, not my cupotea

Then the touring band played, they were called Life As War, from Switzerland. They were pretty rad, if I remember correctly. Their singer looked a bit like Marc Gärtner. They had some really cool songs that were really enjoyable so I enjoyed them. That's what people do with songs. They enjoy them.

Last band was Resurrection. I don't know if I really watched them, really. Really. I must've watched a couple of songs, but yeah. They play metalcore. perhaps it was cool. Perhaps it was not. I don't know.

Who am I to decide if something's good or not? I'm just a dude who likes the punx and the hardcorez. And I like to write stuff about it. My opinion is about as valid as Lance Armstrong's tour wins.

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