40 Minute Powernap

Sorry for the lack of updates, peepz. I've been busy not going to shows and I'm still a lazy bum.
Things to look out for, though:
- zine #8, somewhere February or March
- Ten/Fifteen zine by Pejer, with a contributed interview by me
- Crossbonefestzine (22-23/03)
- I have lotsa shows planned in the next months, so that's cool

But first things first.
15 Minute Powernap played their last show evarrrr. Which is sad. Singer Lode decided his baby and his other band were more important. Dude has a baby. No punx.

They were the only band scheduled and it was a Wednesday night so things were rather serene but it was a super fun show. They started out really good, how they always started. The sound kinda sucked throughout the whole show, it was either too loud or too soft, and especially the vocals were wacky. Sad detail, but as true punx we didn't mind all too much.
They played lotsa songs, most of their own, some really good ones that are left unreleased sadly. Some covers, which were alright. Imma be honest here, the show was... well, alright. It could've been better, definitely. But it was funny and fun and they're a cool band, so that made up for the sound sucking and the mistakes and such. It's not like it was bad, either, no sir!

One of the stars of the shows was definitely De Vinger, one of 15MPN biggest fans (and apparently, weirdly enough, also one of MC Karel's biggest fans). He has great moves, and got some dancing going on, so that was fun. He's a real cool dude.
Also the bassist did a half-assed guitar cover of a song I can't remember and they stretched the set out a bit.

Anyway, I'm glad those fuckers are gone. Go listen to F.O.D., everyone.

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