Windmill mosh

You guys know I listen to hardcore, right? I'm all about hardcore. Hardcore is my life. Hardcore 24/7. Fuck all the rest.

Kidding, I just really like hardcore, that's it. Just like a normal person. I like hardcore in a normal way. I have buds in the hardcore scenery and some of them put out records. For example, I really like Perspective Records. Really hard-working label and they are so fucking dedicated to what they do it's crazy.
So yeah, check them out, releases by A Strength Within, Ashes, 18 Miles. More coming up! Also check out Perspective Fest!

Anyway, what I really really really wanna talk about is their newest release, Darker Times by 18 Miles. It's a Dutch hardcore band whose members used to live 18 miles awat from one another. Band names are silly sometimes, but that's okay! 18 Miles is a good name. I think.
Their album is called Darker Times because... well, I don't know why, really. I'm guessing dark songs with dark lyrics about dark times, but everything is in the comparative form. It's darker than before. That's hella dark.
Also, it's hella free for download.
It's their sophomore release, after their EP Lessons.
Also, the cover is the most Dutch thing ever, I don't know if it's supposed to make me mlaugh but I think it's pretty funny. Other than that the design's really cool and beautiful. But yeah, it's a fucking windmill.

18 Miles - Darker Times (2013, Perspective Records)

1. No Guts
2. Hollow
3. Die Strong
4. Pirates
5. Broken Homes
6. Pushing Forward
7. Moving On
8. For Better For Worse
9. Counterwise
10. Boundaries
11. Darker Times

"You think you have it all but you suck." is, after the get-punched-in-the-face/no-bullshit intro, the first thing that grabs my attention. They don't take a paper before their mouth (dutchism). They're from The Netherlands, where everybody (stereotypically) just says everything they want and this attitude is a great premise for a hardcoreband. Anger gets vented, both musically as vocally/lyrically. "Your life was a fucking mistake." I'm only at track 2 yet and already I'm stoked. I like hardcore mostly because it's angry music. It's vital to the genre because anger translates into energy and creativity and wanting to destroy shit. Instead of destroying shit, they create fast, heavy riffs backed by pounding rhythms and a throat that's both capable of the shouting and 'hardcore-grunting'. It's a pleasant voice, by the way. Just, nice to listen to. This guy can sing me a serenade anytime.
Die Strong, I think, is one of the early highlights of the album. Very fast, very angry, it has a pretty standard breakdown but it's hard as nails and it has some metalcore influences (the drumming, the guitar solos and the deep vocals (especially at the end) remind me of said genre a lot).

Speaking of genres, I'm not sure how to classify 18 Miles cause my knowledge of hardcore is limited. It's the kind of hardcore that makes kids mosh. I guess I could best just refer to their fellow Dutchies No Turning Back, or Belgium's The Setup in terms of sound and approach to the genre. Straight-forward, trying to blast ears and with a hint of epicicity (I made that word up, I mean it has an 'epic' quality). Also, early Parkway Drive and early The Carrier are pretty okay references, I think. They cite Stick To Your Guns and The Ghost Inside but I've never listened to those bands so I don't know. I guess they know what they're talking about.
I'm just writing this review so you know you can check this out. I don't really think my opinion matters, but I like exclaiming my opinion so I'm gonna go ahead. But yeah, just download/buy the damn record already, it's good. I know it's good because I've listened to it and I'm good at listening to things, but I also know it's good because I've been told so.

Anyway, on with the record. I'm listening to For Better For Worse and it's really groovy, but not really my favourite track on the record, if I may say that. The record just keep Pushing Forward and Moving On (pun intended) as if there are no Boundaries (taking the pun too far, intended). Over the course of the entire album, the songs never really fall apart or stand out but they're all on a semi-equal level of quality. It's a consistent record.
A good album always has a good opener, and as we've heard, 18 Miles fucking opened the hell out of this album. But it also needs a good closing track. Right now I'm listening to the last track, the title track, and it's more hardcore goodness.  It has a kinda positive message. A memorable message. The last line you hear before your ears blow apart are "This wave of setbacks ends here." and it ends and you've just had a really good listening experience and now you're deaf for the rest of your life.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

(Oh wait, I didn't warn you.)

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