I have to write a report on the last Rebuild show, because of reasons. One reason is that I do that stuff, because I like doing that stuff. Another reason is that the show was really good.
Another reason is to make sure people have something to read at their work tomorrow (attn Armin).

So, weird night, basically. A night full of twists and shouts.
Let me tell you the story of how I got to freaking Houthalen in the first place. Originally I would hitch a ride with Bram from Leuven, cause that've been rad. But, it was foretold it would snow that night, and Bram only has his license since 2 weeks or so, so he wasn't allowed to drive his parents' car. understandable, but a major bummer of course.
Luckily I have the bestest of friends in all the bestest of places. I asked Dimi, Ruben en Karel if they could pick us up and they totally could and they totally did. So that was super rad. We got on our way, drinking Karlsquell in the car, listening to anything from Darkraver to Bon Jovi to whatever else. Rad. Bestest of times.

So we arrived, we joked around at the parking spot, we rap-battled like idiots (literally, we can't rap for shit, especially me) but it was really funny actually. You should've been there. After a smoke and stuff we headed for the youth house Jezabel where Trapped Inside was kinda finishing off their set. They're a rad band. I like them. We caught like 4 songs I think, it was good. Yeah. I got us some beers and half of them were moshed over partially before they were consumed, which made us sad but ok. No problem, it's a hardcore show. I just wish they'd stop their silly dances and get to dance like normal people. Yeah, sure, aggression is fun, but isn't it weird that you're aggressive for like 5 seconds because there's a breakdown going on or something? That's weird aggression, dudes. You should get you aggression stats checked.

What I'm saying is you should be angry all of the time.

Be angry all of the time.
Is what I'm saying.

Next up were more beers, getting hugged to death by Jordi and being reunited with my favouritest folks in the world: the Dilbeek folks. Lotsa other cool peepz too, from all over. Yay. Elemental show.

Conviction played. Not mah thang, I guess. I don't really know? I think I skipped half their set to hang out in the freezing cold outside and pee in the snow. Sorry dudes. They're quitting too, I heard? Not entirely sure. Anyway, they have a cool groove and all but I'm just too punx for "hardcore" hardcore.

Blindside was way out of my league. They're pretty popular I guess, played shows with Cold World and all.* They're probably really good but I'm an idiot and I couldn't really focus my attention. I did some silly hardcore walks which possibly pissed off a lot of people, which was the result I hoped for. Lighten up, errbody.

More beers, hangouts, chillouts and starting bands with random peeps. I was in my element.

Then Rebuild played their last show 3V4R. Sadly, I don't really remember a lot of it. I remember they played Losing Love, Forgive Me, Rope, but I have vague memory of what else happened and what else was played (probably almost every song, I'd guess?). According to the photos I saw today, there were a lot of guest vocals and lotsa bodes flying around. Someone even filmed a part of their set so people can reminisce and remember what it was all about.
For some reason I really like Rebuild, and they're all amazing people and I'm sad I won't be able to see them again and they had the bestest of songs, written by the bestest of dudes, in the bestest of times.
Rebuild 2009-2013.
I don't have a lot to say about that anymore. I'm kinda sad now.

Anyway, on the bright side, the afterparty was wack, Jordi was spinning records like a monsterous beast and I remember dancing a lot, repeatedly jumping off of a table, kissing dudes, doing wack stuff and having a blast.
I was supposed to go back to Leuven with the West-Vlaanderen crew but I was convinced/forced to stay & Wim, the best person in the world, obligingly offered me a place to sleep, so I could participate in being a pig and fucking shit up at the afterparty, until they began sweeping the loads of confetti that were lying around and we were basically forced to leave.
Bacon and eggs in the morning, courtesy of Wim.

I think Armin said it best on the way home when he said "too bad it wasn't a punk rock show last night" or something along those lines. Cause yeah, that was the only thing missing, basically.

Sometimes I love life.
(Other times I hate life.)

*This reminded me: Cold World has this album called Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First. It's funny cause I was born feet first (well, probably more like 'butt first', but whatevz) but I don't really care about that album. Thanks for the dedication though!

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