So, I had nothing to do yesterday evening. You know what I do when I have nothing to do?
I go to the punk rock show.
(Or sometimes I watch a movie or something.)

Yesterday F.O.D., my Favourite Old Dudes in punk rock, did a try-out show for their new songs from their new album. (They're not really that old, by the way, I'm just a young punk and I like to joke about that.) In the months leading up to the release they've made me quite stoked on the record, so obviously I wanted to check out if the fuzz lived up to the real deal. Also I wanted to buy a CD and I can't make it to the release show etc.

They were the only band on the bill, but there was an okay crowd. The venue (café Boesjkammeree) was a pretty odd place for a show but I guess it worked. Sound/vocals sucked but that seems to be a classic for the Kamikaze Roadshows (kidding, although it was the case with the 15MPN show as well). Anyway, these Kamikaze dudes are doing pretty cool shows, so check them out or something!

Other than that, they played alright. It was a try-out show and I was tired so I didn't mind any mistakes they played. Usually they'd play a song, then laugh about how someone screwed up and I stood there (first row! of course) like "uh, really? oh okay.". Well, maybe, if was to determine to buy the record based on just this show, I might've not done it, because it wasn't as tight as they are other times, and the sound wasn't up to scratch. But I know they're good, talented people with a sense of humour and a great sense of songwriting, so I bought the cd.
ALSO I'M IN THE "THANK YOU" LIST THAT'S JUST THE COOLEST THING. I think I've made it into 3 "thank you" lists already because of my stupid zine/blog (Tantras, Adjectives, F.O.D.). And the Direct Hit! one, but that was because I bought their tapes, not because I'm a rad guy or something. Anyway, it makes me feel special, like I'm doing something good. And then I'm here, saying how much their show sucked. How's that for 'thanks'? I'm an asshole.

Their show didn't suck. Of course. It was really enjoyable, and it was nice to hear the new songs, some old songs in between and some covers. In fact, I'm listening to the new record right fucking now and it's great! Here's a quick rundown:

F.O.D. - Ontario (2013, Thanks But No Thanks Records)

1. Racket Rating
2. 20 Second Song
3. Passing Teralfene
4. 36
5. Heroes
6. Joke
7. Like Them
8. Ontario
9. Counting Numbers
10. Frenzal Records
11. Song For Baby, Hoping To Get Laid
12. Because You're The One I Love So Dearly
13. Carry On
14. Wasted
15. Starchild
16. Decade

First remark: They've definitely taken a different approach to this record in comparison with Dance To This. The artwork is 20 times cooler and the songs are more focused. Musically, not much difference, but that's good. It's just better.
Most songs are about the band, playing shows, being a dad/husband, being old and socio-politics. 20 Second Song is actaully a 40 second song, it's a joke, a rather finely executed joke, I must say. Passing Teralfene sounds like a drug-dealing song but really it's a suburb of Affligem. Joke is a really, really good song, with some nice hooks. Like Them is obviously their attempt at being Bad Religion, and actually being pretty good at it. It's almost ridiculous. Ontario is a rad song, it has the best oooooh's on the record, together with 20 Second Song. Counting Numbers is a silly song and I think it's kinda superfluous to the record, but yeah. Frenzal Records is a hit tune. Then there are some emotional songs that are emotional and all. Carry On is a single, was also on the EP and it has a videoclip. The last song, Decade, has the Jare on it, playing bass, that's awesome. Although Peter is a great bass player as well, I really like his style. They're all great musicians. And Hans is a really good songwriter.

So yeah, lovely record. If you were born in 1980 or something this is definitely a record for you! Just kidding, fans of mid-paced nineties-influenced punk rock reminiscent of Lagwagon, Green Day and Bad Religion (seriously, listen to Like Them) should take notice! A nice balance of critical, humourous and emotional lyrics. A nice variety of riffs. A general disregard for solos, which I support. I'm not really a solo-lovin' guy.

Fuck Off, Dicks.

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