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Remember Apologies, I Have None? That one band that have played here countless times the past year? Yeah, they played again last Sunday. In Beveren. I don't think anyone lives in Beveren. Ghost town.

So, I coincidentally met up with Laura at the station, both buying tickets for the bus to Beveren. Motherfucking Beveren.
Someone had puked in the bus on the last ride, so we had a bit of a setback while the cleaning team of the NMBS came and cleaned the vomit. Thanks!
We had a pretty smooth ride from then on. We got to Beveren pretty quick and no one puked! Success. We took som wrong turns to the venue but ultimately found it and that was great.

The venue, Togenblik, was pretty cool. Great terras, cool stage and just all-round a cool place to do shows.

Lots of friends and the last pieces of sunshine on a Sunday resulted in a nice hangout before the show and partly during the first band. The first band was Forgotten Sailors, who reminded me of the Dutch band The Road Home, which means: young dudes playing an Ataris/Gaslight Anthem hybrid style of punk rock. Cool, but not enough to hold my attention and keep me from having stupid conversations with the punx.

I drank quite a few beers and got really affectionate for some reason. I hugged everyone during the night and everyone was really nice. I just hope I didn't bother people cause it might've been a bit over the top. Sorry.
I love punk and punx more than almost anything else. God forbid if I ever do get a girlfriend. She's gonna have some competition. Primarily male, smelly, ugly and obnoxious competition.

Anyway, Silver & Gold played a set and they ruled. This was the first time I've seen them as a three-piece and it works out fine, man. Solid band, solid songs, solid Undertones cover. I'm really excited for their full length.

Apologies, I Have None played the place apart. Great atmosphere, lots of people dancing and singing along. I almost lost my glasses but decided to put away safe, I almost lost my right earplug but decided to put them away. Lots of people in the air and stuff. Anyway, good set by the British band. I accidentally dropped the guitar player after I tried to lift him up. Major sorry man. Every show I've seen by these fellas has been great and every show is more and more fun. But let's say you make some new songs now, will ya? I'm not tired of the other stuff but I'm really curious what's up next for this band.

Also I decided to go to the Fest this year. It was a spontaneous decision that I was never really sure about cause it would be such a hassle, but it just made sense that I would go to the Fest. So now I've bought tickets and I'm siked as fuck.
Weekend Dads, Dillinger Four, Crusades, Lipstick Homicide, Hold Tight!, Mixtapes, The Fake Boys, The Exquisites, The Draft reunion, The Dopamines, and many more.
Another great thing about Sunday night drinking.

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