una dei Ramones

Pop punk show. Wednesday. Dilbeek.
Who the fuck is going to go there?
Well, fucking no one apparently.

The Ponches and Riccobellis played for an audience of a couple Italians, 8-ish Dilbeek punx and me. Sucks.

Anyway, the Ponches were pretty good. I like their songs, they had some energy going, it was a fun show. They played a Ramones cover called I Don't Wanna Be Learned/I Don't Wanna Be Tamed.

Same goes for the Riccobellis, really. Ramones-inspired pop punk. Bop punk, if you will. Fun show, couldn't stay till the very end cause I had train issues.
The train was late so I could've stayed but I did not know this.

That's it.

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