It's all about perspective.

Sunday moshday. That's a common concept, right. Last Sunday the concept became all too clear for me. Perspective Records/Bookings/Whatever had set up a second edition of the grand Perspective Fest. The wheater was pretty lousy but the music was cool. Too cool for school.

First band was Reminders but I missed them because I was not cool enough for school. Domien apparently brought his mom for Mother's Day but I missed her as well. Apparently Reminders is a good band. Goob band.

18 Miles was up next. After a great startout-hangout with lots of familiar faces I went inside to check 'em out. The singer was not feeling very well apparently and his voice wasn't up to scratch, but they played a neat set and I like the band. Hardcore for hardcore kids.

Let me tell you something about hardcore. If there's no punk in the hardcore, I'm probably not gonna like it all too much. I've noticed that. I need a touch of punx in my hardcorez. I need that vibe, the fierceness, I need the riffs.

Ashes played next. It had been a while since I've seen them but they are still the coolest guys around and their band is still pretty amazing. They played some new songs, of which I remember Cursed being absolutely crushingly cool. Great set. I was gonna mosh but I didn't cause I'm not cool enough I think. I did put my hand in the air and sang words/sounds and banged my head and stuff.

Redemption Denied. They're the Belgian representatives on the so-called True Spirit tour volume 1. Really cool for them, and they proobably deserve it. They're a real cool band, they had a good groove, cool breakdowns as far as breakdowns go and it was all pretty cool. But god damn, some of their fans were quite the arsehole. All is fair in love and mosh, but this was ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I like to 'bust out' once in a while too, but I don't go swinging my arms and pushing everyone who just wants to enjoy the show to the back of the venue. Whatever, I could rant about ignorant mosh all I want, it's not gonna make a difference. People all have fun in their own way. Just, try to not have fun at the expense of others?
Band was good by the way, I really enjoyed it.

A Strength Within were up next. One of their very few shows this year. I've seen better shows by them, but okay. Great band, decent show. The new songs sounded promising and they have their hearts in the right places. Leuven hardcore and all that jazzle.

Suddenly, everyone one got collectively hungry or tired and stayed out while Homer was playing. What the fuck dudes. "Support all bands", "keep the scene alive" until there's some band that doesn't fit within the strict margins of chugging hardcore? Makes perfect sense. Maybe I'm overreacting. There were some people interested, and Homer played a great set. They celebrate 15 years of existence this year. Yeah!

I can't really tell you anything specific about World Eater, Risk It or Strength Approach because I am not familiar with either of those bands and they all kind of sounded like regular hardcore. Also my mind was in a further state of intoxication so there's that.
That reminds me, Ferm & Fameus was catering the festival and they make delicious food. All vegan, all yummy. Check 'em out. I spend quite a few euros on their burgers. No regrets. Food rules.

I do remember No Turning Back. Sorta. A staple of the European hardcore scene, finally back in Leuven. I don't give too much of a shit about this band but I can sure appreciate them. Music-wise, pretty standard hardcore. That's not a bad thing. I don't expect innovation from bands like No Turning Back. I expect sincere and heavy stuff. They have some outspoken messages (which Domien didn't fully agree with, by the way, haha) and they put on a solid show. No more, no less.

Show was done on time. I had a lot of fun. Friends. Food. Fartcore.

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