So, there has been a Still Bust/Thekidisfirworks tour going on. Did any of you notice that? Two British band invading our beautiful continent? Anyone? A sense of danger? A sense of proximate death, luring with every kilometer/mile they drove through Europe?
No, I didn't either, these guys are super nice and play super good music. Nothing to worry about.

I saw them two nights in a row. Let me rephrase that, I had the pleasure to see them two nights in a row. I had the privilege, I had the honor, I had the boner to see them two nights in a row. Yes.

First night was Rockcafé show in Leuven, organised by Kickass Records. Initially worried about the lack of promotion and lack of people who would show up, it ended up pretty alright.

Thekidisfireworks` played first. I guess their space bar broke down when they created the name. Or they forget how to write multi-word phrases. Or they just thought it looked cool. Anyway, the name doesn't matter.
They fucked up the intro and laughed it away. No biggie. Apparently that happened a lot. Everything else, in general, was pretty really good. Definitely not flawless, but it was a delight to watch and hear them play. They have a very distinct sound that reminded me of Dangers, The Bronx and A Wilhelm Scream perhaps. There were the crazy guitar riffs, the rhythmic assaults, the singalong parts, the "stop-playing-and-shout-a-catchy-phrase" parts and it all was really cool. And the award for best songtitle of the past few years goes to Unicorn On The Cob. That made me laugh harder than it should have. Nice one.

Then it was up to Still Bust (or is it Stillbust? I don't know) to set the room on fire. Or whatevz. They did good. They did real good. Solid show, mostly, if not exclusively, songs from their new record A Few Things We Might Agree On (A Few Thing We Might Not), which also contains a contender for the songtitle award with If You Don't Like Video games (You Might have Other Interests). Rad show.
It was mainly English blokes going nuts to a Welsh band and then the other way around, but I, and the other attendants, did thoroughly enjoy their music. Very neat. Very "cool". Very "punx". Very ""hard""core"".

The Decline also played, who are this Australian skatepunk band that are apparently pretty cool. They were pretty damn cool. Welp. Can't really remember properly. Sorry, Australians! It's good to know you still exist!
I may have danced a tad? I think the British dudes did the typical UK pyramid thingy. It was a fun show, my memory just fails to recover what music they played and what was going on.

I might need to update faster in the future, so I don't have those problems all too much.


Anyway, the next show was the next day, a day called Tuesday, for those who still use that whole "week"-system.

Mechelen, Panique D'o. Panique for short.

After a nice pre-show hangout and the acquisition of a full crate of beer, Thekidisfireworks fired their works off once again. In the same way as Monday, they fucked up the intro and then just went full force into it. Fun show, it was their last of the tour as well so extra fun? Maybe. I bought a shirt, like I had promised the day before. It has a dog on it. It's real cool. Great dudes.

After their show I did a rather embarrassing/awesome (I can't decide) MC Karel live show. It was the first time I actually performed a set, with just a guitar, and it was super cool. I also fucked up the intro, in honor of TKIF. The rest was alright, except for the regular fuck-up, but that's all part of the act. "Good intentions, bad results."
Also, since I was a performing act Rikkerd hooked me up with a crate of beer from the venue. A whole crate. Holy fuck. Beers for everyone!

Still Bust killed it once again. I think everyone decided this was really good and a last chance to party for now so things got a bit crazy, which was super much fun. Proof that you don't need a big crowd to have a big party. You just need a couple nutcases that like to fuck shit up to good music.

Whoo! Check out those bands and all, they're real cool!

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