French cries

There's a brand new band from the wonderful country of France that I'd like to introduce to you. They're called Buried Option and they are from Orléans. Pretty wicked, huh?
Oh, and it's free for download!

Buried Option - Save Yourself (DIY, 2013)

1. To Oscar
2. Delta Position
3. Needs
4. Perfectly Buried

Buried Option claims to be influenced by the melodic punk rock and hardcore of the 1990s, and you betcha they are! Track 1, To Oscar, starts with a old school bass riff and the whole song, from riffs to the vocals from time to time reminds me of a Hot Water Music song or Four Minute Mile-era Get Up Kids. It's a demo so it's all a bit raw, but I hope they keep that raw edge in later recordings, cause it really is a vital element of the likeability of this sound. I'm not trying to sound like a tr00 p0nx here by saying polished recordings are not cool, but this kind of slightly-shouty 90s-emo-influenced punk rock just begs for a straight-up honest, sincere, pure and hence not overproduced recording.
Back to the music then. This demo contains some obvious influences from other bands that the band should consider developing, but I generally like it. It's a kind of music I like so they do nothing wrong. It's kind of a safe demo. But, as I've learned from experience, never judge a book by its cover and never judge a band by its demo. What is it that does or could set Buried Option apart? Well, for one, they don't have a terrible accent as some French bands tend to have. The use of creative melody, the construction and dynamics of their songwriting (like in Needs particularly), and the alleged versatility of their small repertoire.
Perfectly Buried closes the demo and is an instrumental. It starts out as 90s emo as it gets, genre American Football, Cap'n Jazz, Mineral.You know, the whole twingy-twangy guitar thing. It develops into a full-blown instrumental of reasonably epic proportions. Probably my favourite track on the demo.

See, I'm not wild about this, but it's okay. It's better than a lot of bands these days, but I really hope they search into their own capabilities and creativity. There's too many parts I've heard before a couple of times and that kinda reduces my direct interest and enthusiasm in the band.
On the other hand, the style of music they want to play, they perform it really good, and the band helps to revive the feeling I had when I first listened to bands like Hot Water Music or Jawbreaker, and fits in with contemporaries like Spanish Gamble or Timeshares. I think.
I'm pretty excited for what they have in store.

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