"Where can I find a beer?"

Last Sunday was moshday once again. THis time at Panique D'O, Mechelen, with the cream of the cream of Belgian hardcore and a French straight-edge band.

I missed the first band, I Am Legendary Robot. No biggie. They're described as "8-bit Metal / Nintendocore". I'll pass, thanks.

Then, Every Stranger Looks Like You. It's been a whole while since I've seen them play, they've released an awesome EP in the meantime and that new song they played was heavy as fuck. Rad band, rad peepz, très bien!

Outline played next. I love Outline. With every bone in my body. Especially my dickbone. Ehm... They played a good show. I awkwardly crowdsurfed for a moment at the end.

Ashes is still brutal as fuck. Nothing else to say except that they are a cool band with cool dudes.

Dead End Sin was cool. I'm halfway into their stuff, and halfway out of it.

Didn't see xDigx. Sorry guys.

Good hangouts, good Sunday night.

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