Gotta stop postponing things. I should be working on a thesis, and I am, but it's not going super smooth. I get distracted easily. By punk rock, often.

Last Wednesday was a grand day for Belgian punk rock. The notorious emo outfit Cornflames reunited for second time (after last year's pre-Groezrock show) I think and it was cool.

I missed The Goodluck Party. That was a bummer cause I kinda wanted to see them, but ok.

I did see Off The Charts. Good show. What more can I say? New songs are off the hook. Or should I say, they're off the charts? ba dum tsh

I didn't see Traffico because of pizza time.

Cornflames rules. They played a solid set that didn't bore one moment. You know how some bands stretch out reunion things and play too long? Well, Cornflames didn't. And they were really good. The hits passed, some other songs. To be honest, I'm not so familiar with the Ĺ“uvre except for the occasional spinning of The Farewell Drive. Stellar live band, though. Really enjoyed the set, and from the looks of what was going on in front, lots of people greatly enjoyed it. Atmosphere was top notch, band was great, beers were good.

Reunions are pretty played out at the moment I don't think anyone knows who's a band or not anymore, but one-off shows like this are always fun, whatever the premises. Cornflames play Funtime Fest too, which I think is kinda funny. And cool.

Next day was a holiday so there was a super valid excuse to get drunk, which I, and many with me, kindly took.

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