I bought a record once...

I've been listening to this next record all week. Fuck it's good. Let's find out how I got it.

The Unlovables - Heartsickle (Crafty Records, 2007)

A1. Leave Me Alone
A2. Let You Go
A3. Samantha
A4. Let's Not Fight
A5. Disaster
A6. Everything's Overrated
B1. Dance Party For 2 (Your Room, 3 AM)
B2. What You Want/What You Got
B3. No Way
B4. Never Saw It Coming
B5. Have You Ever
B6. Sweet Sweet Boy
B7. Crazy Tonight

This is the second full-length by New Jersey's The Unlovables, a band that basically still exists but haven't put out anything since 2007. Their first album, Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak, is one of the best pop punk records ever. Heartsickle is actually equally good, though maybe overlooked sometimes? I don't know. I fucking love it.
This record is on blue vinyl, which is cool. I got it through the Stardumb Records webstore a few years back, back in 2009. I got it together with a whole bulk of cool records, mostly pop punk classics and soon-to-be classics (Queers, Weasel, Ergs, Leftovers, Apers, Manges, ...). I remember spinning this a lot when I got it. And it's definitely grown on me through time. Solid record.
This records is not so different from Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak either. Thematically, it's about crushes (Dance Party For 2 (Your Room, 3 AM) or Never Saw It Coming), boyfriends (Let's Not Fight or Sweet Sweet Boy) and heartbreaks (Let You Go), but the whole thing is rather on the negative side, at least when Hallie sings about boys. The most positive song is Samantha, about her friend Samantha (I guess). Musically, poppy punk with a couple of chords, a whole lot of melody and the best harmonies you'll hear in a while.

It's cheesy but I like cheesy.

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