punkdancing is universal

Leftover pizza and cheap pints of beer.
AB Club.
Expensive beer.
Apologies, I Have None.
Make Do And Mend.

Let me start out by saying every band sounded better than in Eindhoven. Perhaps it was the sound, perhaps it was the band, I don't know.

Daylight played their grungecore songs. Some people think they're the best band ever. Some people think they're the worst band ever. (That's obvious.) They did good. they did real good. Nirvana-worship.

Apologies played yet another great set. I can not get bored with this band. Seen them 7 times now, I think, always a pleasure. Dancemoves.

I was gonna stand at the back for Make Do And Mend but then they played Transparent Seas and Domien said "you wanna go party?" and I was all "yeah" and so we did. Domien is a smart man.
Lotsa stagedives! Lotsa fun! Silly dancemoves. I had fun.

I had a lot of fun. Fun is something cool to have. Fun is pretty awesome. You should have fun sometimes, I think you'll like it.
There were a lot of friends there, as well, which made it all the more fun cause I got to hang out with those people and I love those people.

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