Friday night, Eindhoven.
Arrive early.
Eat fried chicken.
Read a book.
Go to Kaffee Aloys.
Punk rock.

Daylight. Cool band. Jordi thought it was the most boring band in the world. Well, that's just like, his opinion, man. I think they're pretty good, maybe better on record than live, but whatevz. Their singer looks like de Rak. They had a new song which sounded so much like Nirvana it was almost weird. Nothing wrong with sounding like Nirvana, however. Nirvana is pretty dope.

Apologies, I Have None played another set of joyous emo rock songs. 6th time seeing them, not yet bored. But yeah, I have nothing else to add. They're doing a "mix-cd competition" so I made them a mix-cd (cause I love making mixes for people) and it's really good I think.

Make Do And Mend headline the tour. I haven't heard their new album yet and I'm not really stoked on checking it either. Their show was alright, but yeah. Perhaps also better on record than live. Maybe it was the sound quality, I don't know, whatevz. They played Transparent Seas so that was all I ever wanted. The back-up vocals didn't sound so good. They mixed in a American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost lyric into End Measured Mile, from Since Always. I never had it/You never had it/We were young and the rains came down on us. That was pretty cool.
And his story about the tower of Babel and how headbanging was universal was pretty rad.

Fun show, gonna see the lot again in Brussels. Yay
I hope he tells the Babel speech again.

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