Feel like shit.

I'm pretty busy with everything. I have 20 minutes now til I have a meeting thingy.
I'm pretty fed up.
I'm tired of some things.
Not punk rock though. I'm not tired of punk rock.

My enthusiasm for punk rock was sparked once again on Sunday, when the infamous Bartje Punk hosted a show in his garage. After a motherload of fries (like seriously, it was ridiculous), bands started to play.

The Fellows started off the afternoon with their fun, infectious, fast punk rock inspired by the later half of the 80's and the former half of the 90's. Something like that. Fun songs!

The Priceduifkes played a set of odd songs and whatnot and this and there. It was all over the place, but it was really funny and they did a good job.

The Murderburgers raged through their set like madmen, they didn't seem too positive, but they played great. I mean, they always play great. I love seeing them. WAGBOG.

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