Crossing Boners pt. I

Let's get into this.

It's Tuesday now and most of my bodyparts still hurt when I try to do something, lift something, stretch out or even wake up. That means I've had quite the weekend.
Crossbone(r)fest 2013. I loved everything about it. I loved looking forward to it for weeks. I love seeing the line-up taking shape. I loved making a festzine for them. And I absolutely loved being there an entire weekend, havong the most fun I could have.

So, what happened? First I got on the train with 2 boxes of zines (my friends would bring a 3rd one), my guitar (which didn't get used in the end), some second-hand CD's, a bunch of MC Karel shirts, my laptop, my swimming gear and a bunch of stuff to survive the weekend. Because I was so packed I didn't noticed my newly bought Go-Pass train card fell out of my pocket so I ended up losing 50 euros before the weekend even started. Well, fuck.
The train and bus ride was ok, I got there just fine. I got there a bit early cause I had those festzines and they needed to be there on time. Slowly but steadily people started arriving, like my buds in Ashes and Outline, who had to play early slots. I went to eat fries with Domien, Laura and Bram and after a fulfilling meal I went for the mosh at the Ashes show. I danced a lot during the weekend, actually. At least I tried. I'm not a good dancer.
Ashes played a rad show. They were recording new songs this weekend, I think they played a new song? I'm not sure, really. I didn't see the beginning either. I love Ashes. I love them in a lot of ways. I want to make love with them. Yes.
Next band was Have It All, Italians who play a more melodic, post-hardcore-ish brand of music. Rad. They're super energetic and are constantly running around on and in front of the stage. Fun band, and very talented. New song is ace, other songs as well. It was nice seeing them again, they're really nice guys. The drummer Simone offered to play drums for my MC Karel set again but that didn't go through because of technical problems. Thanks anyway! Rad guys.
I skipped GRIM, because I needed a break I think. Sometimes I just wanted to hang out and drink beers with buds. My friends Jeffrey and Lode, who have never been to a hardcore show before and like to listen to electro and stuff, came out as well, which was pretty rad. I drank half of a Ter Dolen beer but heavy beers mostly fuck me up pretty bad so I decided to stick to regular beers. Later that evening we got some jello shots which were better than expected and they fucked me up a bit as well. Super fun!
Cheap Drugs played 2 short sets instead of one long set, for some reason. I don't know why. But they were pretty great. Angry hardcore and stuff. I think Outline played in between. I could be wrong, by the way, about the sequence, cause it all got mixed up a bit and my memory isn't that clear. Outline rules, though. Best band. New EP slays. Fucking fuck. So good. They asked me to go on tour with them to the UK, so that should be a blast. New EP slays. Buy it.
Some more Cheap Drugs. After that A Strength Within took the stage. As a devoted fan I was eager to see their show. Dudes pretty much killed it. Great set, great vibe, great reactions. I had fun moshing and going from 'siked to siked', as Kim OTC likes to call it. Really nice, I'm excited for the new release! Should be good. They headlined the outside stage, so that was good, no need to go outside anymore to see bands!
Sex Drive played and I wasn't really into it. Too chaotic/shabby for my puny brain. Toxic Shock, however, ruled like really hard.
My friends were hungry and I was kinda having a craving as well, so we went for a bite. Apparently everything is closed after 10 pm, bummer. We went for a croque monsieur in the Sports bar, that was pretty good. We missed Violent City though, and apparently there had been a fight, pretty fucked up. Everything is on youtube. What a bummer.
Hung out outside during Blade cause I'm not a big fan. Talked to Dennis about lady business. Dennis is a nice guy. He's fat and ugly but really nice. After Blade Reproach took the stage and mayhem ensued. Fun show, I stood in the back trying out jelloshots and enjoying the show/enjoying my company. Lastly, The Priceduifkes did a cover set of Reagan Youth, which was rad. Probably better than Reagan Youth would do it today.

Finally, the afterparty. I was supposed to do MC Karel and it was gonna be really cool but it turned out regular cool because things weren't working alright. Sound guys were bums so I couldn't use my guitar or I initially couldn't even use a microphone. Fortunately someone found out how to set up a mic at the DJ-thing-monitor and after a couple more difficulties everything went pretty well. I started out by doing I Like Vegetables by Parry Gripp, I did a half-assed version of Introducing MC Karel, a rather OK cut of Cat Crush and Mayeb Women Have Rights Too, and closed with a Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air/Skee-Lo's I Wish segue. I was actually really prepared this time and it was kind of a bummer it didn't work out but maybe in the end it was better that it didn't last as long. I think it was cool. I just hate it when people start shouting my name, it makes me feel significant. Like I'm doing something right. Weird.
After that DJ Anthony and DJ Dennis played 90 punkrock jams. I danced til 5 o'clock I think. A lot of stuff probably happened. It was really fun. No markers on my face, whoo! I drank a lot of water before I went to sleep, so I didn't feel so bad next morning/noon. Syke!

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