Everything is gonna be alright.

Went to watch Yelloward the other day. Yay. I went to the show, together with 3 babes. Whoa. Weird. Normally I only hang out with ugly dudes. Guess Yellowcard are chick magnets.

Set It Off sucked. Just an even worse version of Panic At The Disco. Yikes. Vocalist was a goofball.

Yellowcard ruled. Great, great set. 5-ish songs off of Ocean Avenue, and a bunch of songs of the later albums that I've never bothered to check out, but the songs sounded great! No lame songs, no acoustic shit. Also, it was in the upstairs Trix venue, which is kinda cool. Danced a bunch.
They played Believe, which was pretty fucking awesome. Encores were Only One and Ocean Avenue.
Shit ruled.
Yellowcard is a good band.

Missed our tram and had to take a cab to the train station. FWP.

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