Irish attack!

The Irisch invaded Berchem last Sunday. They stormed the Eglantier building with 2 troops, one consisting of 4 soldiers, the other of 5. They were relentless.

Our own troops in Cat Claw tried to defend the fort. This army of one guy and one gal did all they could to gather allies. They fired long shots of stoner/grunge-influenced rock songs and tried convincing the villagers to join their side. With just a guitar and drums as their only weapons, they were clearly outnumbered but not outpowered. They managed to hold strong for an entire set, jamming out hard-hitting drum beats and sharp riffs. The battle was over, but the fight continued.

Croupier wasn't going to let this happen. Their front man showed a bold statement of fearlessness by showing up to the battlefield in a hawaiian shirt. From the first hit on, they took over the area and made the villagers swoon to their command. With extra armor in the form of keyboards they established a sonic assault of layered melodies and mind-blowing rhythms. Their infectious strategies seemed to convince the villagers to join their side. This was bound to be a ferocious victory of the Irish.

And yes, as expected, Enemies kicked our butts. They took advantage of out lowered defenses and struck us with their incredibly well-crafted outbursts. They were strategic geniuses, it seemed, as they even switched infantry with artilelry mid song and thus double the amount of drums that were fired at us. We stood no chance. We could do nothing but surrender to their overpowering invasion. It was short, cause the war had to be over by 10pm, but it was strong.

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