Crossing Boners pt. II

Aight! Saturday! More boners!

Let's see what went down. I got up at 12:18. We ate some pains au chocolats. And we went swimming! Hengelhoef punx invasion, rad! Always a good time, and a good way to freshen up after you wake up covered in layers of crusted beer and sweat. Syke!

Hangouts at the Bassment then, waiting til the first bands. Coma Commander was up first and they played a rocking show. Cowboy Mambo on replacement guitar, did a good job. This band rules, keep an eye out for them. They played a Dear Landlord cover and I even recognized some of their own songs. Great!
Next, Sidewalk Summer. They have really good songs but their performance wasn't really up to scratch, to say the least. I don't think they made that big of an impression. You should totally give them another chance, though! Up the West-Vlaanderen punx.
Off The Charts played a wicked show. Like, really good. Unexpectedly good, actually. Shit was tight, new songs sound promising, Basement cover was cool. Slo-mo-mosh.
Then we went for a pizza, unfortunately I missed Silver & Gold and 3/4 of Leagues Apart's set but a man's gotta eat. Pizza was great! At least better than last year, I think.
River Jumpers were late so everything got kinda mixed up. Next band I saw were The Helltons, a must-see for me, one of my favourite bands on the line-up. Solid show, I love those guys so much. And they played Give Me Some Methadone, that was rad! After their set, I went for a beer, thinking River Jumpers would play now. But someone suddenly told me 'yeah Murderburgers are playing outside right now' so I went for a dance and a shout. Great show, great band, yeah. Seeing them 3 times in a week kinda makes it less exciting but it was still cool!
Maladroit fucking rules. Definitely one of Europe's best pop punk band. I want to have their babies. Their last song was the Ramones' The Crusher. Shit was off the hook. Whoo!
Shit was even more off the hook during The Real Danger. The motherfucking Real Danger. Arguably the best set of the weekend. Couple of new songs, lots of old ones, punx mosh, lotsa dudes sing along, covers of Linoleum and Highscool Psychopath, tight as shit. New record rules, pick it up! I mean, buy it!
DeeCracks played as well. Man, every fucking band on this line-up was great. DeeCracks was no exception. Kids and Weasel covers. Kids going nuts. Beach 90. Insane.
River Jumpers played outside but I kinda needed a break and I'm not too familiar with them so I skipped. Sorry dudes.
The Priceduifkes played. They slayed. They started another World War. They did good. I decided not to dance because it would be too wild for my fragile body. Three songs in a jumped in anyway. Shit was awesome. They started out with Frogball Rockout, great idea. They were all wearing sleeveless shirts, making Armin conclude that sleeves were not punx so I tried to hide the fact that I had sleeves for the entire set. I'm a punx so I can't really risk anyone thinking that I am not punx. PDS were off the hook crazy. Man, I need more adjectives, this review is getting boring. I need to work on my vocabularity (+10 points for who gets that reference). After the PDS I told everyone in my vicinity that I just can't understand why this band isn't playing Groezrock but The Rocket, Arizona and fucking Grey like Masquerade are. Doesn't make any sense. Ain't got no sense.
The Apers got out and simply played the best set ever. Mostly because they played a lot of songs they don't usually or regularly play, like You Suck, But Then She Smiles (holy shit that was rad), Not The Only One, and a bunch of other songs. Perfect. Best band in the world. I think. Whatevz. Kevin Aper is funny.
The shows ended with Kepi Ghoulie and the Accelerators playing an amazing set of Groovie Ghoulie classics and Kepi Ghoulie tunes. The dude just makes everything so positive and I can't help but smile watching him perform and hearing his songs. Fun punx.

For the afterparty I was asked to spin records, so I did. It was super fun! I like being a punx DJ. It's just difficult cause people are all like 'play that song' and sometimes I have it with me but sometimes I don't. The British blokes interrupted sometimes but they couldn't really figure it out so yeah. punk and hardcore classics, pop punk hits, Parry Gripp, the occasional One Direction song (which made Wout very happy and Jefke very mad), an XTuningX song and some Osker, Cornflames, etc. Also Stick 'Em Up like 5 times. DJ'ing is fun. I think we shut it down at 6 am. Rad. Lenny did some crazy barstool acrobatics. I don't think anyone was drawn on with a marker, which is pretty cool. I wasn't even that drunk, for a change, which was actually pretty cool.

What a fucking weekend. I was looking forward to it for literally months and the suddenly it was over.
I wanna thank:
- Lost Youth Records, for being the best dudes, setting up the festival, putting together the best line-up of 2013 (fuck off Groezrock) and loving punk and hardcore.
- everyone who bought or took a fanzine, I got rid of a lot of them so that's good. I got some nice feedback about them so that made me feel like I did something right.
- the couple of people who bought an MC Karel shirt. rad.
- everyone who danced at the afterparty.
- everyone who danced with me (especially Nicolas, that was bordering on really weird and scary. awesome.)
- everyone who took the time to say something to me, everyone who was nice enough to give me a hug, a kiss, a high-five or a fist-bump (of which there were probably thousands).
- Jordi for asking me to rap, DJ and make a festzine.
- everyone for being rad dudes and chicks. I love everyone.
- seriously.

Let's do this again sometime, shall we?

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