State of Gedaan (AKA I'd rather be at The Fest 10)

Friday night is a well-known night for punk rock shows.
Last Friday State Of Mine played their last show. Aw.

Hogwash opened. They are from France and they couldn't decide on speaking English or French. No biggie. Hogwash, my friends, rules. They seriously blew me away. One of the guitarists is insane in the membrane and kept going on & off of the stage, partying, making funny faces, the whole lot. Guys are super-talented and combine catchyness with a technical style of playing. Be sure to check it out. I bought 3 CDs, I know de Rak did too, you should too.

Then State Of Mine came to say goodbye. I'm not particularly a fan of their full length, but their first batch of songs (the demo + split with the Octopussys) I found to be pretty great. Saw them a fair amount of times but tonight was definitely a blasting show. The last party. Lots of people partying, great atmosphere. A Bigwig cover. Old songs, new songs. It was cool to see them one last time.

Now, I'm not a skatepunk kid whatsoever, but apparently MUTE is the best motherfucking band in years. They're from Canada, land of Belvedere/This Is A Standoff and play this really energetic, metalriff-induced skatepunk that is not really my thing actually. Other than that, I sang along to 5 words I think, those were the only ons I knew, and the last song, which was a cover of Head Under Water (Surfers, obviously). The rest of the set was good and the audience was off the fucking hook. I tried to dance at multiple times but found myself too fragile to mosh amongst the massive 20- to 30-somethings going absolutely bonkers. And with bonkers I really mean all-out keh-razee. Such a fun show. Gotta love the punk rock.

Hangouts are always great. Lots af drunk geezers.

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