Hey, I'm getting behind on a lot of stuff but here's a quick show review from last Thursday. I'll hopefully put up some more interesting music related stuff here in the future, but I'm busy etc. It seems I've only been doing show stuff.
Just make sure you check out the bands who seem cool, aight?

So, there was a show at Hof Ter Lo (which is now Trix). Fun fact: there were 2 shows and at first I ended up at the gay metalcore show with BlessTheFall and some other gay-ass bands. Fun anecdote: some skank was asking if there were signing sessions. Who the fuck cares about signing sessions at a show. That shit ain't worth the suffix '-core'.

So, I got on the right track then and I ended up downstairs, for a punk/hardcore show.
Not Afraid opened the night, and while musically this is really good, I don't seem to adapt to the vocals. Fans of True Colors and youth crew generally will probably dig the hell out of this, but yeah. The stage is way too big for this kind of bands anyway. It was too big for 3 out of 4 bands who played that night. Weird, innit? Fuck you Heartbreaktunes.

Sunpower kicks ass but they were totally out of their comfort zone on that big-ass stage. About half-way through the set Mike jumped off stage and people finally came closer. Not really dancing, but the atmosphere was definitely better. Sunpower is an awesome band and I managed to interview them for our This Ain't Noise radio show (this thursday, 20h-21h on Radio Scorpio, Leuven, more info in a later post).

Off With Their Heads was the band I came for and they kind of slayed. Zack didn't come on tour so it was only one guitarist, but it was awesome. All the hits, lots of stuff from Hospitals, which was awesome. Overall awesome show. They should've headlined but because hardcore is way more popular they didn't. Whoo. Great singalongs and a small-scale dance party. Stupid dutch dude.

CIV headlines and they were the reason that there were so many old guys who asked to work with 'de late' on Friday and had to leave their children with the mom for 1 night. Good show, but I'm not into it. Sorry, don't fucking patronize me, old dudes.

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