What's new in de Kempen pt. 2 (southwest of Lier)

Some totally new EP's released by punk rock bands! Whoa!
Tantras EP is out since October 1st and 15 Minute Powernap EP is out since October 8th!

Tantras - Tantras EP
DIY, 2011

1. Bitchkrieg
2. TNT-Show
3. Heartbreaker
4. Danny Is On Heroin
5. I Wanna Do You
6. Old Generation

"Tantras coming down your town!"  This Sint-Katelijne-Waver band (sounds cool, right?) have finally released their first demo/EP. Whew!
The cover/logo already makes clear that this is a rock'n'roll band inspired by the Ramones. The first song, an instrumental one, proves that. Bitchkrieg is a perfect first impression for the Tantras. Fast, melodic, punk and rocking! TNT-Show is like the standard "bandname/punkrockshow" song a lot of bands in the genre have going on. It's good. I'm digging the vocals, not too special but that's not always what I'm looking for in a band.
Heartbreaker is easily the best song on the album. It has a pretty high early-Blink 182 vibe. Really catchy. The next song is the standard "[name] is on [drug]" song a lot of these bands have going on. Works a treat because Bart has studied farmacy, so he knows his drugs.
I Wanna Do You tells a lovely story of meeting a girl, wanting to have sex but getting shit outta luck. Fucking girls (pun unintended). Finally Old Generation looks down on the new generation of emo kids. Fucking emo kids.
Good EP, I'm expecting more from these guys. Nothing too out of the ordinary but look at the first songs the Priceduifkes or the Crackups put out and see where they are now. Tantras might as well be the next sensation in punk rock Belgium, or beyond! We'll see!
In the meantime, I'll be spinning this EP some more and trying to catch some TNT-shows. They're awesome and fun! Check it out!

15 Minute Powernap - Wake Up Call
(Thanks But No thanks Records, 2011)

1. ShinG
2. Pen And Power
3. Virtual Existence
4. Stay Focused
5. Run Away

So, 15 Minute Powernap is from Duffel and they make punk rock not unlike in the 90s. I guess you need a 15 minute powernap to fully be recharged for this bands shows and EP.
This shit is catchy, melodic and wicked. Unlike 80% of the bands I listen to, they used more than 3 chords and a lot of intelligent ideas about songwriting. The EP starts off with ShinG, a upbeat song about some ShinG. I have no clue what a ShinG is. Potential hit song, that's for sure! Pen And Power is awesome, but it's really a song criticizing what I do, so I'm puzzled. Will these guys hate me because I'm reviewing them? I hope not. Oh, well, at least I listen to the music I write about, which seems to be the main issue. Good song, great composition. They got the whole stop/start thing going on, and a lot (a lot!) of awesome melodies, solos and drum parts. Songs are mostly socio-psychologically themed, such as Virtual Existence, about social networking "als daar zijn Facebook.". Stay Focused is also a serious song but even if it's serious it's still light and digestible. It could get me dancing for sure (if I'm focused, of course).
The album ends with Run Away, one of the better songs. Could be an Iron Maiden song. I know that sounds weird but I really think so. But what do I know, right, "[my] so-called music knowledge makes [them] lose credibility".
I'm into this. Get into this. For fans of pop punk/punk rock that doesn't dound like the Ramones.

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  1. godverdomme karel! beestige review, merci man!
    Oh, and if you really listen to the music you write about, dan zijde ne goeie!