Carpe Noctem

Monday night was a show night in Carpe Diem, Hasselt. I got pretty drunk at the show but mostly later. But you don't care, do you? You don't. You wanna hear about the music. The bands. The shows. The party. That kinda stuff.

Well, the night started a little later than it should've, which had its usual consequences of me not seeing the entire show.

Anyway, Off The Charts opened and as per usual they played really good. Same set as Sunday night kinda. Gijs did guest vocals for the Title Fight song again. The brand new song really kicks ass, I'm digging the way they're going. I heard something bout a OWTH cover but that didn't come true, probably due to time circumstances.

Rebuild surprisingly came to play some songs as an extension of the weekend tour with OTC. Killed it again, great songs, great musicianship, great band. They've been having problems with the release of their EP but it should be out some time soon now. Get into it. They sing "lovely words".

DeeCracks played next, and I love 'em. First time I saw them it was Monster Zero, and tonight they played their Weasel cover again, plus a Riverdales cover (respectivily Highschool Psychopath and Back To You). Of course their own songs are awesome as well. Solid show, bad sound though. Backup-vocals through the same mic, it's fun. Reall catchy band, Ramones pt. 16284748 but it's good (of course it's good).

The Murderburgers fired up with some hits songs but I had to leave them pretty soon. I've seen them so many times already and I'll be seeing them at the magnificent Summer In October Fest this Saturday, so that's okay.

I listened to House Boat on the train and sang along cause no-one was in my part except for me and my Cara Pils.

Up the punx.

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