Dilbeek Party (Foul)

I went to Dilbeek on Monday night. Halloween night. Nothing special. Some cool bands played and some less cool bands played.

The Homeless played first. Not really tight but I'm digging their style and passion. You can hear the influences (More Than Life being an obvious one) but they're definietely trying to put their spin on it. Their debut EP sounds good so I'm expecting good things to come out of these guys. Passionate hardcore as I like it.

Rebuild next. Good show, as always. They sure know how to put on good shows. Stellar band. Great people with a lot of heart and soul in the music, the performance and for the whole hardcore/punkrock scene. Their EP is finally bound to be out in the next few weeks/months after a huge delay but I'm stoked as fuck. Funny thing is that most of the songs on the 7" are already outdated, so to speak. Their live show has moved on, obviously.
If they record another record now it'll probably be out by 2014, so get stoked!

Off The Charts played at homebase but weren't en forme. It wasn't all how it supposed to have sounded and the interludes they made up weren't really rehearsed through so that became a little soup (dutchism!). But I love these guys so much so I still rocked out to their songs. They're now definitely getting away from teh demo sound and they're becoming an individual band. People will say "oh yeah Off The Charts, they sound like... well they sound like Off The Charts".

Then Kim from OTC changed position to bass and flipped genre as to play with Breathing While Buried, a heavy metalcore band. I spend a great deal of my teenage years listening to metalcore and occasionally I put on some songs, so I wasn't completely turned off. They're straight forward and I like that in a band. They had the crabmoves going on which is obviously totally ridiculous but I reckon you got to do something, right? As far as metalcore goes, I dug it, but I wouldn't spend my euroz on it.

I was supposed to go partying in de Zomaar afterwards but I had to work the next day so I changed my mind last minute and took a train home. Kinda regret it but it's a tough world right.

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