I love Sundays.
Tonight I was in Mechelen.

I didn't catch the Blowjob Benny Boys or Benny Blowjob Boys or Boyjob Blowbennys or something but they have a cool name and did start a running gag with that name that evening. Good job Blowbenny Jobboys.

I saw Rebuild perform though, and boy, I don't see them often but when I do I always think "they keep getting so much better". The show was awesome, lotsa passion, lotsa mosh. Hardcore as I like it. Great songs overall, no comments.

Off The Charts played next and they killed it once again. I've seen them a good amount of times but I think this was the first time I really danced along. So that was a lot of fun. They played some awesome new songs, a Title Fight cover and a Misfits cover. Such a great, great band.

This was the last night of a shot weekend-tour for Rebuild and Off The Charts. those band really love eachother (that mioght sound gay and non-punx, but it's really not). So that ensued in fun shows, small but great response and participazione.

The Living Daylights closed the night and they are and awesome band who I have discovered wy too late (only 1,5 months ago). The covered True Believers and I went apeshit.

Shout out to Jordi Ostir who is probably the funnest drunk I know. (I've only seen him sober one time I think. Maybe twice, probably not though.)

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