The Get Off Kids

I was downloading porn and getting ready to hit the hay but I figured I couldn't keep this blogspot (up)dateless so yeah.

Friday night I was superstoked because for the 3rd time in my life I had the chance to see The Get Up Kids live on stage. For the first time they' play a club show instead of a stupid festival.

Playing support were Get Off My Shoes, who I missed and Eastern Conference Champions who I watched because the bass player was a fair lady and they did some cool drum stuffs. Not very interesting otherwise, sorry.

The Get Up Kids let me down with their self-proclaimed best album of 2011, "There Are Rules". But I'm not one to give a fuck and let that withstand me from having a good time and checking them out on tour.
They started the show with Your Petty Pretty Things, which is ok. The rest of the setlist was generally awesome, sometimes slowed down for the good cause, sometimes slowed down for a less good cause. I remember a good deal of Four Minute Mile/Something... era songs, which are obviously my favourite. Some touching stuff (and with TGUK, 'touching' has a totally different meaning) like Out Of Reach and Campfire Kansas. Replacements cover of Beer For Breakfast. I heard a good song from their last album and about 3 or 4 bad/strange ones.
The show itself was really cool, the guys were into it. There were some bass problems for a while but they handled it perfectly. Jokes about knowing no jokes. A Slayer riff. Mindless stage banter. And very tight playing. They might've been drunk, they were still almost on top of their game. I don't care about mistakes being played because, you know, "every mistake that [they] make, [they] couldn't have made without [us]". I love this band and they just confirmed why I love 'em.
Remarkable was that the audience sucked balls. First of all, there really weren't that many people, which is really weird. Second of all, were these people really into the Get Up Kids? There was this girl all the way front stage and she didn't move, nor sing along, nor even smile. What the fuck? Weirdest audience I've ever witnessed during a band of this grandeur.
Anyway, I could probably describe this show in a thousand different ways which would all conclude to "YEAH AWESOME" so yeah.
If you wanna hear my rant for 10 minutes about how I love the Get Up Kids, hit me up personally!

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