The band, not the movie.

Lately I've been really into Grown Ups. I think they're fairly popular with the hardcore kids, with a sound similar to Daylight, Tigers Jaw and the likes.

They are about to release their 3rd record I think, called "Handholder". This is a strange title, considering their first 2 outputs were called "Songs" and "More Songs" - adequate enough though. But I have no worries, they've been consistently good throughout their entire catalog of songs, I'm sure the next few songs will turn out fine.

So, Grown Ups is an emo band I guess. The good kind of emo. They combine punk rock, emo/screamo, indie pop and hardcore into a powerful yet delightful unity of songs. (Notice how I use the word 'songs' too much.) Easily recognizable by their guitar jingles, light as a feather, contrasted (or complemented?) by the husky, nearly-screamed vocals and supported by balanced bass and drum parts. There's dance parts, singalong parts, yeah-parts, anthematic parts, silent parts, emotional parts. There's little distinction between verse and chorus and those things, but what's left is well-composed works of art, 'songs' if you will.

I strongly suggest you check it out if you're into music with deep passion but pretty melodies. It's a combination I haven't heard a lot, it's pretty cool to hear something different once in a while. So yeah…

I'm scared of change, what scares me worse is that you'll go and do it first.

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