Then Egglantjer

Well, well, well. There was this show, set up by Antwerp punk rockers the Fuck Ups, which had changed its location a couple of times and ended up being in Antwerp Berchem, den Eglantier, one of the venues in Antwerp that is pretty easy to reach for me. Mainly, it was a show in order to give Cigarette Crossfire a place to play but the Fuck Ups played themselves and originally Bite Down would too - but they cancelled and got replaced by the Dutch Rudders.

Now, I'm a fan of the Dutch Rudders. Well, yeah, I like their songs. Tonight they didn't play extraordinarily well, in fact they fucked up some times, but their songs are cool. The songs are about women or porno, so nothing to worry about. Not too simple, not too complex either. It is catchy, that's right! Besides Hope, this time they played an additional Descendens cover on top of 'Hope', specifically 'All!'. Great! They may not have performed that great, I still dig these guys' style. The Belgian mssing link between The Priceduifkes and Sunpower. They're fast.

The Zele guys brought a fun hand-shaped dildo-like sex toy to play with, so yeah, that's what happened next.

Next up was Cigarette Crossfire, a Finnish band on tour. I chatted with the guitarist a bit before so I was bound to see them, and they were pretty cool. Real punk rock, doing their own thing, rocking the unusual vocals like every Scandinavian band does, but playing pretty technically composed punk rock, powerful at the smae time! Pretty awesome! I wasn't necessarily digging the vocals but I bought their 7" anyway and you should too! Do it!
They know a lot about music and pass that knowledge through speech and through music.

Train schedules and one-hour delays were the reason I didn't get to see the Fuck Ups themselves, although I was quite looking forward to it. I'll keep that for another time.


I'm a bit shitfaced.

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